Don't Put Your Head Down, Red Sox Nation

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It was difficult...

It was difficult to watch that last out.  There was a man on first base and there was already two outs.  That meant the Sox had one chance to redeem themselves.  But that didn't happen.  There was a grounder to second, and with three steps, the Red Sox Dream was over.  When I saw that happen, my heart dropped to the ground...

It was difficult to sink in that last play a half an hour after it actually happened.  Why did it happen like that?  The Sox came back from behind 3-1 with a destiny to win, but the Rays stopped it from happening.  So what now?  The Sox are back in Boston empty handed.  The World Series have already started and the score is 2-0 Phillies. 

So what now?  It's all over right?  Time to curl yourself in a ball and hide on a corner somewhere?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!

For those who still have their heads down from the Sox elimination, you should be ashamed!!! 100% ashamed with yourself!!!  The Sox did not lose because they beat themselves up!  No the Sox lost fair and square.  They lost to an obvious better playing baseball team.  Look at the Rays during the season.  They stayed on top for quite awhile.  They went from a 9 year last place team to the 2008 AL Champions.  You can't say that these guys "stunk" (not using that other word).  And you can't say the Red Sox "stunk" too.  The Sox showed us something very very important.  You never ever ever should quit when you are down.  Never say die.  Never give up faith.  Never give up on something that is good.  After getting blasted by the Rays in Game 4, the Sox fought back from a 7-0 Rays score to win 8-7 in Game 6.  It is now considered the greatest single-game comeback in MLB postseason history.   Then they won the next game.  That should at least give you a hint for that life lesson right there.  Even when your heart is breaking oh so slowly, it doesn't mean its over.  There's still a little bit of heart left, and that little bit of heart is enough to change everything over.  Even when the Sox lost Game 7, my heart for the Sox didn't break at all.   It was hard to see another team celebrating the win, but my respect for the Sox grew after their major comeback to tie the series.  I'm never going to forget that.  Personally, I was going through a rough time during that series.  When the Sox were losing, I was losing my battle with conflicts.  Their comeback in Game 5 shed some light in me, telling me there's no way I'm giving up.  Even when the Sox lost, I feel more confident with a stronger wall. 

So thank you Red Sox for making us believe again, in ourselves, in the team, and life.  This season was one heck of a ride.  No one should never forget this one. 

One last time until Spring Training (in 4 months),

LET'S GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!

- Christian


Short Term said:

The incidents that occurred were certainly startling. But then, I am proud of all the players for doing a great game. For only the fifth time in American League history, a second baseman has been selected as the league’s Most Valuable Player. From Woodland, California, Dustin Pedroia has been a consistent spark plug for the Boston Red Sox all year long. What he does for Boston is what short-term installment loans can do for you when you’re experiencing temporary financial difficulties. The mark Pedroia made during his 2007 American League Rookie season was a strong indication that Beantown had a talented second baseman on their side. Yet no one was ready for the kind of numbers he knocked out. The 5-8, 180 pound Pedroia has a .326 batting average, 83 runs batted in, 54 doubles, only 52 strikeouts in 653 at bats, and 20-for-21 in stolen bases. But that’s just the offensive side of the ball. Pedroia had also won the league’s Gold Glove award. Clearly, Boston’s second sacker was conveniently there for the team when they needed him.

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