Apology Post to the Boston Red Sox

I, Christian J. Tiongson, would like to apologize to the Boston Red Sox for losing complete faith in them, turning off the game when I thought the season was over, and totally be the opposite of a hardcore Sox fan that I am.  Last night, when I saw Dice-K give up three home runs to give the Rays the lead, I first thought, "You know what, this is so disgusting... There is no way in hell there will be a miracle comeback."  Then the runs keep on stacking... It was 7-0 when I finally turned off the T.V. and said, "Until next year." 

The whole night I tried to do homework while my baseball spirit died out.  Funny enough, a little part of me told me to turn on the T.V... just turn it on to see what's going on... I did have that tiny ounce of Red Sox faith in there.  So I turned it on.  Then I saw the Sox magic unfold on front of me.  There was the Ortiz 3-run home run that turned a 7-1 game to a 7-4 game.  Then the 2-run home run from J.D. Drew, then the game tying RBI by Coco Crisp.  When the game was tied, I wanted to cry... "WHAT DID I DO?  I DOUBTED MY SOX!!!  WHY DID I LOSE FAITH?"  The faith came back to me and next thing you know, J.D. Drew shot a ground-ruled double to bring home Youkkkkkkkkkk for the winning run. 

Do you believe in hard work, not giving up... do you believe in miracles?

After last night, I finally believed in all that. 

There is a life lesson behind this crazy rally from the Sox.  Do not give up the good things you have.  Do not give up your goal.  Do not let your guard down.  Because if you give up, there is no way you can win.  The Sox showed me this last night.  Now, I'm going to live with this in mind:  "Never say die."  Because of you let your dreams, goals, and your life die... you die as a person.  Don't let the so-called obstacles of life bring you down.  Even when the situation is bigger than what you can handle, everyone has the BIG heart to go on and be champions.

I feel like a champion today.

Thank you, Boston Red Sox. 

Go Red Sox!!!!

- Christian

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