8 Games to Glory - Red Sox Vs. Rays

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On Monday, the Sox shocked the Angels with their good ol' late game heroics.  This time it wasn't Big Papi or any other "vets" on the team.  The new faces took over that aspect of the game last Monday - Jed Lowrie and Jason Bay.  This shows you how strong the new faces on our team are!  We have a very balanced squad with speed, contact, power, and a great glove.  Look at Mark Kotsay.  He has the bat, the glove, and the speed.  Did you see all those fantastic plays he made on first?  Seriously, he is the most agile first baseman I've seen in awhile (and obviously Youuuukkkkkk is also very agile)! 

But Monday is now a mere memory in the back of our heads, because the Sox has an even bigger test:  The AL East Division Champion Tampa Bay Rays.  Like the Boston Celtics, the Rays were no ones last season, but are now in the Big (AL East) Show.  And I'm not saying that they're going to pull off a Celtics like playoff run!!!!!  I'm just impressed with that HUGE amounts of improvement this Rays team went through.  I give them a round of applause for trying... but it's all going to end tonight!!!!!  (... Oh there goes me being the COCKY Red Sox fan!!!)

So here are the pitchers lined up for this years ALCS:

Game 1:  @ Tampa Bay - Daisuke Matsuzaka
Game 2:  @ Tampa Bay - Josh Beckett
Game 3:  @ Boston - Jon Lester
Game 4:  @ Boston - Tim Wakefield
(Then back to the top)

I feel good about this rotation.  It's smart, strong, and very diverse. 

To make my first point, it's great that Jon Lester is not starting Game 1 of the series.  Using my EP skills, athletes need recovery, especially pitchers who threw x number of pitches.  Jon Lester pitched a terrific game on Monday.  Monday was 4 days ago.  Starters, like Jon Lester should have a good 5-7 days of rest, and according to that rotation, Jon Lester will be fully recovered for another strong outting.

Second point:  Josh Beckett in the "2-hole" is a great idea.  Now most of you would've probably beat me up for saying that, after his horrific outing during the ALDS.  Now using my EP-brain,  Josh Beckett has an injury that is most likely still nagging him.  Now think... for those who have a hurt back/side, when its really cold outside, do you get stiff? Hurt?  Feel like crap?  Well Beckett does have a back/side injury (I don't remember what he has in particular) and he did pitch in the cold 30-40 degree weather last week.  That cold weather probably got to him EVEN if he did have a proper warm-up.  In between innings he sat down inactively, which just lowers your body temperature.  Then when you're back out there on the mound, he throws in a few pitches, which clock about high 80s - 90s, and is expected to throw another good round of pitches for the opponent.  Keeping him pitching under Tropicana Field's dome for Games 2 and 6 will shield him from any type of cold weather conditions.  I HIGHLY doubt that the Rays will drop the air temp in the stadium JUST to get Beckett stiff again.  So it's a great setting for the Beckett! 

Third point: Dice-K and Wakefield are great being AWAY and against the RAYs.  Dice-K is perfect away (and I know that records don't count... but I do like to add that in)!  He and Lester showed the Sox that they are ace material.  With Dice-K's arsenal of (100000) pitches, he will be able to trick the Rays into a strikeout.  Tim Wakfield on the other hand OWNS the Rays (even if he did get racked a few times against them).  According to ESPN's Sportscenter, Wakefield has an overall 9-3 record at Tropicana Field, and an overall better winning percentage over the Rays.  That definitely gives the Sox hope for a great turnout from the oldest player on the team (I think).

I'm very confident with our team right now.  The Red Sox definitely got a chance to win a championship!!!!    You don't understand how pumped I am right now!!!!!!  I'M SO READY!!! Tonight I'm watching the game with my two great friends over their apartment.  According to them, they are hardcore Sox fans too.  So there's going to be a lot of screaming at the T.V. (aww poor television), and tons of high-fives, cheers, and other celebratory stuff!!!!

To end my blog post for today, I just want to say...

LET'S GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Christian 


savamcr said:

i vote for the RED SOX!!!!

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