Parking and Traffic is Just Plain Horrible Here

Okay.  Parking at UMass-Lowell isn't the greatest... Heck, it's even not worth the $148 full-time commuter parking fee that I have to blow from my wallet every fall semester!  I've talked to other commuter students from other campuses and they pay less than $100 for parking.  Talk about a major rip-off!!!

The commuter lots are always filled to max capacity, which totally stinks for commuter students.  The overflow commuter lot, or what the new UML Parking Map calls the South Auxillary Lot, which is also known as "The Grass Lot" to some people, is only open for a number of hours and at times can be filled to near max capacity.  So where else should I park if those areas are just completely jam packed?  There WAS an option of parking my car in North Campus and taking the shuttles to the other campuses, but that option is pretty much burnt up in the oven since the University Avenue Bridge was just shut down in August, and its planned reopening will be on December 1st. (Talk about bad timing with bridge construction too).   The other campuses are inaccessible due to the high amounts of traffic from students traveling through the streets of Lowell.  I mind as well just walk between campuses until the bridge is fixed!  I've talked to one of my friends who travels between campus, and she is very ticked off with parking and traffic at the University.  She doesn't like the fact that parking here is very insufficient for all students, especially for commuters.  Honestly, there seem to be more commuter students attending UML.  So is there a solution for that?

Is it just me, or we are missing a parking lot near Sheehy Hall?  Yep, the parking lot is gone for good.  That means that the Riverview parking lot will be a little bit fuller with residential students.  And what happened to the "VIP lot" behind Mahoney Hall?  There was a section of 4 - 6 spaces of unmarked parking spaces which was used by students (including) for the past 3 years.  The first day of the Fall Semester was a shocker:  my favorite parking space is no longer available for students.  It's a professor/staff lot.  What a big stinker!  
I just have a feeling that UML will continue its tradition of insufficient parking for awhile until either a big capacity parking garage is built on North and South, and the "Grass Lot" turns to an actual parking lot but for now, I just have to deal with it...

Oh there's more to say, but all that cluttered thoughts just fell out of my head... Let me compare my cluttered thoughts to a Jenga tower.  Take a few thoughts out, put it on paper (or in an electronic blog), and CRASH!!! The tower falls to the ground.  Okay, maybe its just a writer's block...

Enough from me tonight.  I need some sleep... All I'm going to say is that I'm not looking forward to my next adventure for a parking space this Friday. 

- Christian

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