Wisdom Teeth Removal - All 4 of them gone for good.


After months of pain in the back of my mouth and tons of waiting, the my wisdom teeth surgery finally came.  Obviously, I was a bit nervous before the 8:15am "show,"  because I never had any type of surgery that involves opening a part of me up.  Because I knew I was going to be a little nervous before the procedure, I created a new playlist in my iPod that had tons of great acoustic guitar music.  Like I said before in all of my blogs, I love music, and music always calms me down.  So basically, I calmed my nerves down in the waiting room. 

Here's the general breakdown of my 45 minute procedure:

8:15am - the nurse called my name to come into the room (and she had a face mask on already... nice way to calm someone's nerves).

8:25am - the nurse goes over what's going on, tells me that I can keep my iPod on, and the surgeon applied 8 novacaine shots into my gums.    Seriously I think it was the worse part of the procedure because it was the only time I felt pain from those long needles. 

8:35am - the novacaine's effect is awesome... I can't even feel my face.  The surgerical team started working on my left side of the mouth, drilling my wisdom teeth into different pieces for easy removal.  They also stitched me up.

8:50am - the other side was done.  Obviously, I can still feel the pressure of the surgeon removing my teeth but that's about it.

9:00am - the surgeon tells me that the procedure is done.  And was I surprised!  I thought it would take longer than that, but since the surgeon is pretty good at making this surgerical procedure quick and painless, I was out of the office around 9:10am. 

Basically the whole day, my face swelled up, and my jaw is throbbing.  Every hour to an hour and a half, I changed my gauze that was placed in my mouth to stop the bleed.  I also iced my face every 20 minutes to reduce brusing and more swelling.  The instructions go on and on, but right now I'm feel great.  I do have a little headache and I'm still swollen like a chipmunk, but everyhing is alright.  All of my coworkers at Hallmark are relieved that everything went pretty good - thanks girls and guy for your support!

I'm relieved that those stupid teeth are out.  They were bothering the crap out of me for the whole year.  Luckily, my procedure was easy and does not require more complicated stuff like removing parts of other teeth due to the impact of the wisdoms. 

Before I let you go, here's a fact
:  For every familial generation, the mouth gets smaller and smaller.  Since its gettings smaller, there are lest space for the wisdom teeth to emerge.  This is why the wisdoms impact the back of your other teeth.  If the wisdom teeth aren't removed, other teeth might decay or other medical problems may exist due to it. 

Well, you are now 10x smarter, thanks to me :-)

- Christian

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