The Olympic Spirit

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Yesterday, the 2008 Summer Olympics at Beijing, China officially came to an end with a beautiful display of fireworks, music, dancing, acting, and other artistic and memorable performances.  As I sat there watching the closing memories, I looked back at the major highlights of the Olympics, such as Michael Phelps' 8 Gold Medals, Nastia Liukin's 5 Medals in Gymnastics, Usain Bolt's ridicious 3 World Records and 3 Gold Medals in Track and Field, the U.S. Redeem Team's Gold Medal, and the Men's Volleyball Gold Medal.  Obviously, there are tons of other great moments that I didn't mention.  Even if the medal count, breaking world records, and being number one in the world seems to be the major points of the summer games, I do believe that unity and peace was the overall theme.

In almost every event, each country respected each other, the sport, the officials, and their audience.  It seemed like the tensions between rival countries did not exist at all.  For example, look at the war in the country of Georgia with Russia.  During the Olympics,  Russia bombard and invaded Georgia with brutal force.  The world watched on the edge of their seat to see how this would effect some sporting events where Georgians and Russians compete against each other.  The conflict didn't stop Russia's Natalia Paderina and Georgia's Nino Salukvadze from embracing each other at the medal ceremony for the 10m air rifle event.  Even when there is tension between the countries, their athletes showed the world what matters most:  peace and togetherness. 

Now the games are over.  Every single athlete is back to his or her country.  What now?  Will the Olympic spirit die?  Will we all fall back to kill each other?  Why can't we keep the Olympic Spirit going?  How come we can't live in peace from now on? 

If we lived life in harmony with each other like we did in the Olympics, no one will die from gunfire, no one will cry when their love one is missing in combat, and no one will suffer.  Right now, even after the Olympics brought us back together, we are far away from being together as one. 

Well... it was a great 2 weeks...

- Christian


Elaine said:

My favorite moment of Olympic spirit was when Dara Torres asked the officials to hold the semi-final race because another swimmer had to change her suit. I think it showed real grace, maturity and sportsmanship. She won that heat and went on to win the silver!

I especially enjoyed the gymnastics, both women and men. It was very dramatic and at the background there was the US .vs. China desire to be the world leader.
Let's hope that the US .vs. China competition will stay only in sports.

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