Rest in Peace Alex "P Money" Peters

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Al was a one-of-a-kind guy.  If you spend one day with him, you'll probably say the following:  he's tall, he's funny, he's goofy, he's crazy, etc. etc.   He is the "dood" that just makes you laugh all the time.  Seriously, most of my memories I had at Malden Catholic High School involved a little bit of Peters... oh I mean "P Money" here and there... If you were part of the class of 2005, you know what I mean.

I remember one time during Honor Chemistry in Sophomore or Junior year.  Our teacher had this device that supposed to decrease pressure or something like that... I don't know.  Peters raised his hand and asked this question out of humor:  "If you put a frog in there, will the frog inflate and float around in the ball?"  Of course, the teacher was a serious "dood" so he thought Alex was an idiot.  Honestly, the whole class would've cracked up laughing to the floor, but since that teacher would give pink slips like crazy, we just kept it to ourselves.  Alex was ALWAYS a funny guy and the center of attention in every class I had with him, even if what he did landed him in detention with the vice principal.  Oh man, I remember that shout he had: "DOOOOOOWwwwEEEEPPPPP!!!!!!"  That seriously was the MC call, shout, or whatever you called it.  

Even if I never "chilled" with him out of school, he was still considered a friend to me in Malden Catholic.  When I heard that he passed away, I was completely shocked.  Come on, it's Alex "P Money" Peters.  He is like a wall.  He is the center of attention.  He is unstoppable.  How can that be?  But I guess even the strongest person can't avoid death.

During the funeral, I can't stop thinking about all the "P Money" memories at Malden Catholic.  It finally hit me deep that he's no longer on this Earth, but in a better place with God.  The pastor reminded us that his death is not the end, but a new beginning of an eternal life.  Death was like a stage in life.  You live, you die, and you live again. 

This blog is for you, P Money.  Thanks for making me laugh and smile during my time at Malden Catholic.  Rest in Peace, dood.

    Alexander Nicholas Peters
October 5, 1986 - August 9, 2008


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lol great article

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