Oh yeah, Jason Bay!

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"Bay State!"

"Back (Back, Back, Back) Bay!"

"Bay Day!"



There are many ways to say that Jason Bay, the former Pittsburg Pirate and new Red Sox player is freakin' great!  Bay gave Red Sox Nation new life and a new feel of a championship caliber team.  He showed us that we don't need a hot-shot hall of fame slugger to win some games.  He is the new ticket for the playoffs.  The Sox now have more speed on the bases (triple in extra innings during his first game as a sox), a better defensive player (game saving sliding catch in left field and an outfield assist), and a dangerous offensive lineup (hitting .328 so far with 4 hits, 1 HR, and racking up 6 runs in 3 games).  Sure, Bay is no Manny Ramirez, but he has a good enough bat, glove, and speed to make him an all around player.  Honestly, he is better defensively than Manny.  Manny does have a "gun" from left field, but Bay is not a lazy player.  He'll sacrifice his body for the ball like a true outfielder. 

Mr. Jason Bay, you deserve a pat on the back for giving the Red Sox and its fans a new life.   We felt dead through the crap Manny has put us through.  It felt like we were in a swamp in Manny's backyard.  Now we're out of that swamp and fighting for the ultimate goal - a World Series win.  Thanks for showing us that you are a great baseball player!  Fight on!



- Christian


MOin said:

oh thats really nice and base ball is world'd best bestest game.

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