Day 4: I Can't Wait To Eat Regular Food!!!!

It's been 4 days... yes 4 days since the event.  I'm still here in this lonely place.  The sky is bright blue, the temperature is rising.  I haven't seen civilization since the event.  I've eaten very little... WHEN IS IT GOING TO END?

Okay... away from the deserted island / airplane crash scenario.  Really, I'm doing fine.  The swelling is going down, but there's still enough to make me feel sick.  The extraction areas throb here and there, and headaches go on and off.  But everyday, I feel like I'm 10%+ better than the day before.  Today, I can actually close my mouth.  The swelling was large enough to actually stop me from closing my mouth.  Brushing has been very difficult, and my breath stinks from gauze, dried up blonde, and salt from salt/warm water gargles.  I'm actually scheduled to go back to work tomorrow but I don't think I'm well enough to even go.  Seriously, I can't even get a full CLEAR sentence out.  It really stinks :-(

I'm looking to be alright by this Tuesday.  I won't be 100% but I'll be alright to work, talk, breathe, and eat regularly.

Classes is coming up real soon.  12 More Days!!!!

- Christian

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