4 Days Until Senior Year (or until summer break ends)

It does not matter how you look at it, there's always an end and a beginning.  In this situation, my summer break is going to end and my senior year will begin in 4 short days.  This transition is sinking in pretty deep for me, especially in my family.  My sister moved back to Salem State yesterday, and my brother, who's a freshmen, will move to Salem State tomorrow.  My youngest brother had his first day of junior year in high school on Thursday.  These three events were like big reminders for me, like an alarm clock that goes off around 9am in the morning (which is going to happen in 3 minutes).  They were reminders that my possible last year of college is coming up pretty soon.  I'm sitting here on my bed with amazement and a little bit of sadness.  This really might be my last year seeing all of my Exercise Physiology buddies.  Throughout the years, I've had great memories with my EP buds ranging from afternoon sessions at the Kinesiology labs, "venting" in Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships, having fun in Introduction to Data Analysis, or just plain hanging out in the commuter room.  I'm definitely planning to add more memories to the unerasable cache in my noggin before I (hopefully) cross the stage and receive my diploma. 

Do you remember your senior year in high school?  It was the year when you were finally called an upperclassman, the big dog, the leaders of the school, or whatever you call it now.  All the freshmens in UMass-Lowell should know how it feels.  Now, the class of 2013, who were all big time big shots in their high schools are now back to square one: freshmens.  Don't worry!  Being a freshman here is a HUGE difference than being a freshman in high school.  In high school, everyone automatically knows you're a freshman due to the young face, height, and inability to find your class in the maze-like halls.  In college, no one will know who you are.  Heck, if I ever walked by you, you probably think I'm a freshman due to the young face... Ha! That was a joke.  No matter if you had a great or horrible time in high school, college is an absolutely clean slate.  You have the decision to take that slate and write your story the way you want it to be. 

So I have a challenge for all freshmen in UML.  Can you take the slate, start new, and finish with flying colors?  Can you look at every supposed "obstacle" and fight through it and not break a sweat?  (I wrote something about these so-called obstacles from one of my past blogs.  You should read it).  From my perseptive, I'm getting close to finishing my story on that slate and I can definitely tell you that I'm never going to stop writing it. 

Any questions, comments, problems, lawsuits?  You can email me at Christian_Tiongson@student.uml.edu.

- Christian '09 


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