26 Days Until the First Day of Senior Year

26 is the magic number.  Unlike, baseball with its magic number, the magic number I'm talking about decreases everyday... 25...24...23... and so on.  To tell you the truth, I'm looking forward to my first day back.  I get to see my buddies who I basically lost contact with the whole summer, catch-up with some cool professors, and feel like I have a mission again.  For the whole summer, it felt like I did not have a mission or a major plan or thing to do.  Sure, I worked, coached baseball, and stuff, but my summer was very disorganized, not well-planned, and not as memorable as I would have liked.  Out of a scale of 1-10, I would rate my summer a 4 or a 5.  This is probably due to the remnants of past problems that continued to poke me here and there.  As much as I like to put stuff in the past, sometime always triggers me.   

Look at this analogy.  Picture a man walking down the beach along the ocean.  Everyday that passes, a shell is picked up and placed in a bag.  Day after day, the man continues to pick up shell after shell.  Weeks passed, and the bag gets heavier and heavier.  One day, the load was too heavy and the bag rips and shells slowly fall out of the bag.  Everyday after the bag rips, the bag gets lighter and lighter.  The man finally feels less burden by the load.  As soon as the the bag empties, something pokes your shoulder - maybe its the wind, or raindrops, or something.  The man turns around, and looks at the mess.  Thinking its not such a big deal, the man continues to walk.  But even when the man walks, he still gets those pokes from the wind, or something.  Maybe that's the artistic way of saying how I feel about the summer so far. 

Plus there's tons of other stuff that I haven't done for my senior year - paper work, plans for after senior year, and stuff to get to what I probably want to do for the rest of my life.  The word that is emphasized in the last sentence is probably.  Every day that number decreases,  I become more uncertain to what I want to do after I graduate college.  DPT School?  CSCS?  EP?  What is my path?  Seriously, I've tried hard to carve a path this summer but I still haven't found what I was looking for.   I don't know.  Maybe I'm not motivated?  I just don't want to be a no-one after college.  Or the guy who worked his "butt" off to achieve nothing.  Maybe I'm not the only one that feels like he or she doesn't know what he or she wants to do.

Well, that's enough of my talk.  Enough of this rambling.  I'm going to leave this post with a thought: 

"What's more important to my life?  Money?  Fame?  Intelligence?  God?  Chance?  Luck?"

- Christian

P.S. - Because of the summer is whining down to a pulp, I'm going to blog more about my commuter experience, so all perspective commuter students know what's coming up!  If you are a commuter student and you need some questions answered, you can email me:  christian_tiongson@student.uml.edu or look further in my blog about my commuter experience.   

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