Manuel Aristides Ramirez (AKA Manny Rameriz)

Manny said that he was tired of Boston.  Manny said that he'll be okay with a trade.  Manny doesn't like how the front office is handling his contract.  Manny said that the Red Sox doesn't deserve him at all.  Manny this... Manny that.  It's just Manny being Manny again.

Manny, I really hope you stumble upon this blog post one day.  This message is for Mr. Manny Rameriz of the Boston Red Sox.


Dear Mr. Rameriz,

My name is Christian Tiongson and I've been a life long Red Sox fan.  The past few months, I've seen the conflict between you and the Boston Red Sox grow everyday into this large and nasty weed in the middle of the ballpark.  It has gotten to a point that the weed is strangling everyone in Red Sox Nation.  You are probably sick of hearing the fans boo at you, because of the comments you have said to the media, such as "I tired of the Red Sox and the Red Sox are tired of me" or "I'm okay with a trade" and other stuff like that.  We all know how you are Manny.  That is the why we have the saying "Manny Being Manny."  You are who you are.  You are a laid back individual who just let things pass, yet you are a great ballplayer and an obvious future hall of famer. 

Think about it Manny.  Through the 7 years you've been with the Red Sox, how many World Series championships we got?  The answer is 2.  And are you are a big factor in our championship wins?  Of course!  You were the World Series MVP for 2004.  You gave us the game winning home run against the L.A. Angels against one of the game's greatest closers.  Heck, there are tons of other accomplishments, like your 500th homerun... your nasty plays off the Monster.  You are a big contributor to the team.  And now you want out?  I know the front office has some problems and there are other internal "clubhouse" problems but why do you want to leave us hanging?  "Us" meaning the Red Sox and it's nation.  

I want to tell you that no one can replace you as the Sox's 3rd spot hitter.  No one.  Not even Jason Bay or 3 prospect's combined.  You give us those clutch hits, those "bombs" over the fence, and those weird plays (like the over the head catch and jumping the fence to give a Sox fan a high five).  Dude, you keep us on the edge of our seats.  You are very entertaining.  You just make this game fun for us to watch.  If the trade comes down to your decision to go or not, I hope you don't go.  We're going to lose a valuable player and a large part of Red Sox Nation.  We're going to lose the face of the team.  It's like losing a family member or part of a puzzle.  Think about the memories and what your fans are going to think.  I think we will be a lot happier if you stayed, kept your head in the game, no more media conferences about how much you hate the Sox or anything. 

What is baseball to you?  Is it money?  Is it the love of the game?  Is it just to please the please the fans.  Remember the first time you held a baseball or your first baseball game.  Seriously baseball now is all just money, fame, and other less important stuff.  What happened to just playing baseball to the greatest team in baseball?  What happened to the love of the game?  Manny, I know you have problems with contracts or anything, but can you put it aside and look at the game on front of you?  It's the game that brought you to Boston.  It's the game that gave us our first championship in 86 years.  It's the game that brought us our second championship in 3 years. 

I really hope you do stay Mr. Rameriz.  Actually I really hope you retire as a Red Sox (but that's a stretch).  I can't imagine you with a Marlins or Pirates uniform.  I hope this message helps you decide if the decision is up to you around the 4pm deadline time.

- Christian J. Tiongson


I will blog about what comes out of this trade situation.  Even if this message was sent to Manny, I still have a feeling that the Sox will trade him.  I think they had enough.

Waiting anxiously for 4pm,

- Christian


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