Christmas in July

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Hearing "Blue Christmas" and "Christmastime is Here" was a bit surprising for many of my store's customers.  Looking at our storefront display of ornaments was probably twice as surprising.  Today was my store's Ornament Premier.  It is the summer event, when my store displays and sells very detailed, memorable, and great-looking ornaments to the general public.  You probably think that this is a stupid idea, because it would give customers the "Christmas Blues" or goosebumps about the stressors of the holiday season.  At first I thought it was a stupid idea, because it's only July... why sell Christmas ornaments during a season when no one is thinking about it?  But then I remembered this phrase - "Christmas in July."  After thinking about what the company wanted to get across, I thought the event was a great idea.  First of all, it would boost sales, help ornament collectors get a head start in their collections (or trees), and get people thinking about how wonderful (or horrible) the Christmas season will be. 

I still don't see why people should be so stressed out about the Christmas season.  The season is supposed to be relaxing with less stress.  It is a time where you take and make memories, and spend time with your love ones, friends and family.  Why do people get so stressed out?  Is it because of shopping?  Planning for family dinners?  Planning for trips?  Anyone can do those stuff stress free.  Why panic if you can't find the right gift for your buddy?  Why do you have to be anxious if you made a mistake with the Christmas family recipe?  You don't have to be stressed out through the greatest time of the year.  Just remember the true meaning of Christmas.  There are many meanings of Christmas and only you can answer that.

Well, time to lay on my bed and chill.

Merry (WAY BEFORE) Christmas to all, and to all good night!!!!

- Santa Christian


E.L said:

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