... And You Think Gas Prices Stink Here


This morning after I got out of bed, I came across an interesting Yahoo! News article with a title, "In oil-rich Norway, Petrol Prices Most Expensive in Europe."  I had to check it out.  Can it be worse than us? 

Oh yeah... definitely.

I skimmed through the article quickly and I found out that Norway is the fifth largest oil exporter in the world.  In other words, tons and tons of oil comes from that country itself.  Right away I think, well there problem is solved;  they have enough oil to keep prices low and customers happy.

I'm wrong again.

According to the article, there also was a gas take hike that I believe was significant enough to hit the economy over there pretty hard.  How does it hit your pocket if you lived in Norway? 
Here's the numbers I got from the artcile:

One customer owns a Peugeot 307.  According to my research the MPG's for that car is 25.9 Urban and 45.6 mpg on "Extra Urban" or highway. 

But the customer said that he had to pay a total of $148 (after converting it to US Currency) to fill up his whole tank!!!

The article said that it cost $2.82 per liter or quarter gallon.  So that mean's that a whole gallon is exactly $11.28!!!   That's ridiculous!  Oddly enough, the citizens of Norway still drive through this.  Honestly if that happened here, there would be riots at Capitol Hill, everyone would walk, bike, or do whatever that doesn't involve a vehicle that relies on gas.  I wouldn't even think public transportation would be running if the prices are this high.  High gas prices would mean that the admission fee to the train, buses, and boats would be a lot higher. 

So next time you go to a gas station that is riding over $4.00, take a deep breath and say to yourself, "Thank God I'm not in Norway!"

If you would like to read the whole article, here's the link for it:   Yahoo News! Norway Gas Price Story.


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-  Christian

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