Well... I Thought Things Weren't that Bad...


I woke up worried about one of my pitchers for my youth baseball team.  At the top of the first inning he said his shoulder was hurting and his medial aspect of his throwing elbow was getting numb.  I took him out of the game right away and he was sent to the hospital after the game when the pain grew worse.  I just found out a few minutes ago that he tore his rotator cuff.  Tearing a rotator cuff is a pitcher's nightmare, especially for a young teen like him.  I (freaking) had mixed emotions - sad and angry.  I was sad that one of our veteran players was out for the season for an injury that was preventable, and I was angry at myself for letting him pitch.  I knew he pitched last Friday and he had 2 good days of rest.  I could tell he wasn't in the game at all because of the pain.  Instead of being a real coach and taking a step back to see who else we could pitch, I just threw him in there because I had trust in him.  I actually had another pitcher scheduled for that day, but he wasn't there.  We were lacking pitchers because another pitcher was also not there and our "ace" was not available to pitch due to a muscular strength and endurance repetition maximum exercise test.  I went straight to my now-injured pitcher because he did very well the last game.... I'M SO MAD AT MYSELF!! 

Well all I could do now is find another player in the player pool and revamp our defense because he was also a pither...  If I had the ability to do anything with my team, I would want to tryouts to be held months before the season starts so I can aleast do some condition for my players.  I also want a pitcher count rule to be in effect.  Dang... I was a pitch counter supporter and I didn't give him enough rest...  I even read many articles from Exercise Physiology II about pitch counts. 

I just got another phone call and he might get surgery... wow can things get any better?

- Time to do something thinking...



P.S. I promise to write a blog about gas prices this week.

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