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Two nights ago after work, I was driving home while observing the prices of regular gas.  From what I've seen closer to Boston, the regular gas price is hanging around the range of $4.10 - $4.20.  In Malden, so far the regular gas prices are hanging around $3.95 - $3.99; it seems that of Malden's gas stations are reluctant to increase their price to $4.00.  Even with the prices in the high $3.90s, everyone is feeling the burn in their pockets. 

How can I fight this?  To tell you the truth, having a nationwide ban on gas won't help as much.  You need to have gas to drive your car, and you need your car to get to work.  So a lot of people don't like that idea. 

Here are some tips I've adopted from many websites, friends, family, and from personal experiences.

1)  If you need to get to a place that is in a comfortable walking distance (meaning that you can get there without being late, being too exhausted, or being out in the heat), you shouldn't jump into your car.  Instead grab your bicycle, or put on some running/walking shoes, and walk to your destination!  Like I said many times in the past blogs, physical activity will lead to a better and healthy life.  Stay active by walking, jogging, and biking to where you want to go!

2)  Take public transportation.  Sure, the bus and train prices have increased a lot in the past few years.  But paying $1.25 with your CharlieCard (plastic rechargable money card that gives you quick access to the MBTA) is worth it.  Would you rather spend $20 for 5 gallons of gas (assuming your car can hold 22 miles per gallon when you do some city driving), or save a lot by traveling the same distance with a $1.25? 

3)  Continue with scheduled maintenance.  It is always good to change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles, and do other types of maintenance jobs on your vehicle.  Keeping your car in top shape will help your engine and other parts of your car to last longer.  There is a possibility your car will have better fuel efficiency also. 

4)  Don't use the air conditioner when its comfortable outside.  I've seen people (at times that includes me) use the AC when its not too hot outside.  Using the AC consumes more gas.  It is alright to use the AC during the hot weather, but it is smart not to use it when the temperatures aren't soaring into the upper 90s and the heat index is close to 110. 

5)  Don't "gun" it or go over the speed limit.  There are two main reasons why there are speed limits.  Number 1 - safety of other drivers.  Number 2 - help save gas.  Time to get into physics... When you drive above the speed limit (let's say 65 over 55mph limit), your car will experience more resistance or drag force from the atmosphere.  More force your car has to overcome, the more gas you will consume.  I don't remember where I saw this but I remember that 55mph is the best speed to drive if you want to save gas.  Also, pressing hard on the pedal will consume more gas.

6)  Keep your tires inflated.  This may be included in your regular maintenance schedule, but I think its best to always check your tire pressure in your car.  If you drive your vehicle with somewhat deflated tires, your car will drag more.  Let's use this analogy - when you go to the beach and walk on the sand, you noticed that its very difficult to walk.  You use more energy trying to walk on a tough terrain.  When you walk on the boardwalk, it is a lot easier and you use less energy.  This is exactly what happens to your vehicle with deflated tires.  Your vehicle will require more gas to reach your destination.  More gas, more waste.


That is all I can think of for now, but there are tons of resources out there in the Internet.  Recently, Governor Patrick launched a website that contains valuable information about gas prices with hints and tips.  CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE GOVERNOR'S GASOLINE SITE!


Well time for me to help out with my brother's graduation party!  I hope you all have a great weekend!!  If you want to say anything about what I've said in my blog, you can leave a comment by clicking the "Comments" button above my blog post. 

- Christian


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