Gas Price Blog 2: "Save your money, save the world."

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Have you ever found yourself driving around looking for the lowest regular gas price?  Have you ever driven up to a gas station, look at the regular gas price, and say certain phrases such as, "You got to be serious?!" or "Well, there goes my paycheck" or other expletive group of words that I can't dare to put in this blog post (and get fired)?  Well, I bet most of you feel the tension at the pump, especially those who have a high volume tank, or a gas-eating SUV.  Even with a fuel efficient car, it seems like I use more gas looking around for a "cheap" gas station.  There is a way where you can save gas without even hoping into your good ol' automobile.  I've noticed a rise in gas price websites in the past few years.  The following websites helped me find the "cheapest" gas prices in a particular area: gas price check - gas prices based on driver feedback

AAA (Triple A) Gas Price Finder

Here is an interesting link.  If you are (still) planning to take a roadtrip to another part of the country, AAA created a road trip fuel cost calculator.  Included in this calculator is your starting city, your destination, and your vehicle information.  This is a helpful calculator that will help you determine how much money you will need to keep your car on the road (and be less stressed-out).  Obviously, with the variable gas prices, your total cost also varies.  

Here is the link for that:


With internet research, you can find ways to save up on gas without searching the city for the "cheapest" gas prices.  Like I said, this approach to saving money has helped me beat out the pump.  This is my theory if you take this approach.  If you head to one of those websites and find a "good" gas station, you will save some gas since you haven't left your house yet.  Since you haven't left your house and hopped into your car, you are also being "green" by of course saving gas, and reducing the release of more carbon dioxide/monoxide or other harmful gases.  With less harmful gases, there will be less pollution.  Okay, okay, that may be a stretch, but I believe that by being smart at the pump and spending less time worrying and searching for the least inexpensive regular gas price, you will survive the year.  Any little change in your routine (such as less joyriding), your pockets will be a bit fuller than before, and like I said, less harmful gases will be extracted.  So yeah, it's like saving the world little at a time. 

Throughout the semester I will continue to give tips and particular websites that I find helpful for my trips to Lowell.  Next week, I will talk about car maintanence and how important it is to "keep up" with vehicle appointments. 


In a side note, I'm planning to take a 3-hr online course this weekend so I can be a certified Babe Ruth coach.  This means that I can coach an all-star team and actually be a "real" baseball coach.  Fun stuff.  My baseball team is doing good, but not as good as I thought the team would.  Our record is 3-3 and we are still in the race to make it to the Malden Babe Ruth Playoffs.  If all goes well, we should be able to dominate. 

I hope all is well for everyone!  Have a good day, stay safe, and take it easy!


- Coach Christian Tiongson

Coach Christian Tiongson  
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RC said:

Another great site for low gas prices is Mapquest Gas prices-

billy said:

Nice website thanks for the info;)

weepingprophet said:

To my fellow burdened citizens,

I compose this entreaty with a growing fury which has become such a rarity among the ranks of the sheeple. Wage increases are ceasing for many, or even giving way to layoffs, and yet prices for virtually all goods and services are increasing. Gas prices are above 4 dollars per gallon, and Diesel prices are approaching 5 dollars per gallon. This must end now.

I am calling for a unified and articulate American voice to be raised loud and clear and to be heeded by the political captains of this sinking ship. Simply put, fix the problem now or lose your positions of power and prestige. I want $2 per gallon gas and diesel by November 1st, 2008 or all incumbents will be voted out of office in the subsequent cycle of elections. If the incumbents need a sloganized translation-
Two Dollar Gas or Adios! Two Dollar Fuel or You Are Through! Two Dollar Gas or Good Bye! Two Dollar per gallon or Hit the Road!

This means that if our plea to the politicians of state and federal legislatures is not answered with decisive action (Two Dollar gas/diesel) by November 1st we will vote for the main opposition candidate to those already holding the positions (incumbents). Cut gas and diesel prices in half or you will all be removed from office via democratic voting. This may mean voting for candidates we do not like, or removing a great pork barrel senator or congressman, but enough is enough.

Dear politicians: we do not want a suspended gas tax, we do not want to see you crawl on your knees to OPEC for minor relief, we do not want to see you tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR), we do not want any more staged productions of oil execs being grilled in front of dour Congresspersons, we do not want other taxes raised or money borrowed. No, we want you to correct prices by November 1st with honesty, integrity, and American ingenuity, or goodbye.

Be careful fellow citizens because you will hear many discouraging words from a surprisingly diverse range of sources- “Clearing out the legislative branches will solve nothing” “This is a knee jerk reaction by an ignorant populace” “The solution to this problem is much more complex than this impetuous response” “This will only make things worse”. My response is to say, “The politicians have done nothing for me so far, so let’s clear house and start over.”

There does need to be a permanent solution on the radar and here is a piece of it.
Our long term plan must be to:
1) Increase supply and decrease demand for fossil fuels.
2) Aggressively pursue alternate energy sources/ fuels, especially hydro and nuclear powers, and methane fuel.
3) Responsibly expand American drilling operations.
4) Build more refineries with more efficient technologies.
5) Relax blending regulations for refineries.
6) Put the speculation racket under a microscope.
7) Place “Big Oil” on notice especially regarding collusion and price gouging.
8) Allow countries such as Iraq to use oil as currency for a broader range of American exports.
9) Increase R&D budgets for public transit solutions, vehicle enhancements, etc.
10) As soon as feasible dismiss OPEC.

In conclusion, please rise up with me and make our voices heard. We are tired and we will be obeyed by our representatives or will we change representation. They can and will fix the gas price problem if their treasured positions are on the line. Join the fight, raise a racket, be heard, and God willing the power will return to “We the People.”

Thanks for your time.

Remember, we want $2 per gallon gas by November 1st, 2008 or we will vote to replace all incumbents in our state and federal legislatures.

Jeremiah Adams

These gas prices are destroying family budgets, and it really isn't an option to buy a new hybrid for most of them. Maybe a scooter is the short term solution.

I hear it is China and India driving the prices so high...but does anyone have any firm evidence?

It is amazing how the price just keeps on rising. It seems that once or twice a month is now common for prices to rise $0.01-$0.04 each time.

People looking to cut down on their gas bills are finding ways to cut down a little but it still is becoming difficult.

So what is the answer?

Hopefully the large manufacturers will find a solution soon, after all they are spending enough money on research.


Constantly searching for the cheapest gas in town has got to be frustrating.

The car manufacturers will continue to produce better mileage vehicles just to keep customers coming in the door. If they don't people will find a way to reduce their dependence on oil.

I think we just got to find ways to make more money because the cost of living will continue to can count on it.

Guadagnare said:

In italy the fuel is up the stars!

scott said:

Wow great post, really like it. Good work

ryan said:

I like to use to find local gas deals myself.

cars prices said:

Nice article.. Thanks a lot for this guidance for how i can save money.. Just FYI, in a next of 5 month gas price will be going low due obama have to be president :)

anyway nice blog here..


MCB said:

I found a cool iphone app the other day that found cheap gas near you, thought that was pretty cool.

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