First Day


Today was the first day at my new job at Hallmark Gold Crown Card store in the Square One Mall.  This is actually my first time in any job in a week, because my old job at Kohl's didn't give me any hours for my last two weeks... oh well, it seems that I'm at a better place.  My new job is definitely different than the large department store atmosphere.  Instead of focusing on cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning in my store, my new job is more focused on a set way of customer service and getting as many sales and Gold Crown card members as possible.  It is a bit intimidating but this can't be as bad as taking a hard college class.  I'm still trying to find a physical therapy aide job or anything that relates to it.  Generally a PT aide job brings in more money and is closer to my major.  So you can still say I'm still in the job hunt, but not as strong since I'm away from my old job!  Orientation wasn't too bad today; there were a few exercises that were very time consuming, but it did help me get used to the store and started to get me interacting with my other coworkers (I forgot their names already haha). 

Deep down, I was a bit nervous though - a new set of coworkers, bosses, location, atmosphere, and customers.  It is still away from what I want for the summer too.  The first day of everything is always a bit nervewhacking or uncomfortable for everyone.  So I'm not letting this get me down.  I should be happy that I got a job, because the jobless rate is increasing with the bad economy.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll get a full-time physical therapy aide job or something like that, or even a better paying job?  Let's see what the summer brings.  All I know now is that I still don't have enough money to pay for my CSCS Certification exam... I haven't studied anything either... hmm.

Tomorrow I have a makeup game with our "green team" rival.  If my baseball team (Dukes) win tomorrow's game, we will be in second place and have a three game winning streak!!  I'm looking forward to another weekend full of baseball!!!

- Christian

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