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The past few days was a total wreck for me.  I had a major personal problem that heightened to its peak last night.  It's pretty obvious that I cannot concentrate in school, the commute, and even talking to other people at work.  I was at the bottom of the pail yesterday and I thought things would get worse.  But throughout the tough few weeks and the horrific few days, my buddies from UMass-Lowell saved me from total depression and despair.  Everyday my friends would check up on me, ask me how I'm doing, help me relax, and other great things.  Even professors were very supportive. 

If you need a good reason why you should go to UMass-Lowell, this should be the reason:  the UMass-Lowell community will help you get through any problem you go through.  The community is very diverse, and has tons of supportive people, no matter if its an academic, social, emotional, etc. problem.  My time at UML has been great because I have buddies from different majors that helped me through the good and the bad.  I know you will probably think, "well every university and college has a very diverse community and they're very supportive, too."  I never been to another campus, but I do promise that the students/facility/staff are the best set of people in the world.  It doesn't matter what kind of style you are (hip-hop, rock, emo, goth, anything) you will always find people to help you out and be by your side.  Including friends, UML also has a counseling center where you can find a way to cope with stress and other life problems.  UML has been through a lot in the past few years, especially last year with the deaths of some students, or even events that never happen (and hope will never happen), such as the Virginia Tech shooting.  We are a community that is strong and supportive.  Like I said, they will help you through thick and thin.  I wish I can say more, but I don't have any more words/thoughts in my mind right now, since I'm still dealing with the situation.

I hope your week is great!



casey said:

i totally agree with you about people being there for you. i hope things are getting better/easier. :) you'll always have a friend in me.

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