"The baserunner is rounding third, heading home!!!!  Here come the throw from left field... and there is a collision at the plate!!! THE BALL IS LOOSE!!! The home team wins on a RBI single!!!!!  The home team is now 3-0 in the World Series and one more game to go!!!!!  That was definitely the play of the game!!!!"


Finally!  My last final (Exercise Physiology II) is done, and the doorway to summer break has opened!  It has been a rough few weeks for me (finals, other problems), but I stuck it through and survived!  This is the time where the commuter student drives back home, sit on his or her bed and finally take a deep breath, and relax!  Usually around this time, professors would correct their exams and/or papers, and post their grades on a cool online system called the Intercampus Student Information System, also known as ISIS (pronounced Ice-Is).  This system has tons of features such as paying your bill online, telling you when you have an advising appointment (and who's your advisor), checking your grades from your past semester and your current semester, your unofficial transcript, and more!  Instead of getting something in the mail (which takes forever), all you have to do is log on and see your grade right away.  It saves money and its "green" since the school doesn't waste that extra paper!  During your freshmen year orientation, you will have a crash course on how to use ISIS and your school email. 

So yeah... right now I'm waiting for my grades, and wondering if I get the Dean's List again. 

Since its the start of summer, I'm going to talk about many topics most (or all) commuters have to face right now.  My next topic is about the rising gas prices and my experience with them.

So look forward to that next week!

Right now, I'm relaxing on the couch about to fall asleep!  For all those UML students who still have finals, good luck!  For those who are graduating, CONGRATS!  And for my fellow EP juniors... we're now SENIORS (if we pass)!!!

- Christian

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