1 Class Down, 4 to Go!

Wow, this semester is really coming to an end!  Today was my EP II Lab Practical (of course I was brilliant)!  This Thursday will be my unofficial end to Introduction to Gerontology (after I take my exam).  My last class of "Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships" is also this Thursday.  To tell you the truth, I will be somewhat sad because I grew to know everyone in that class through the discussions, exercises, and other stuff.  I made some great new friends and strengthen my existing friendships with others.  So many people have said that this class was boring and that it "stunk."  But seriously, it was a very informative class that helped us realize our flaws in communication, and it overall helped us become stronger communicators.  Giving feedback was a big thing for me especially with the situation I'm going through and coaching.  With effective feedback, I was able to solve some issues (not all).  It helped me understand what others felt and made me less critical to other's behavior and less of an "ego-basher."  It was a fun class and I would recommend it to other people.  Taking the class may be annoying and awkward at first, but you'll get used to it, learn a lot, and know really good people... I have. 

I'm looking forward to a hard run down to home plate (end of finals) for the game-winning run!!!!!  Go me (and go Red Sox)!!

By the way, I want to thank my friends, professors, supervisor, and family for supporting me through this hard time!!  Thank you so much!


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