There Goes My Hero, Watch Him As He Goes

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According to, a mentor is "a wise and trusted advisor," while a hero is "a person noted for special achievements in a field... or a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his bold exploits..."  This person I am talking about has a golden heart, a sense of humor that would make everyone smile and laugh with him (or at him depending on the joke or remark, haha), and intelligence that probably could not be measured  anything in this world.  He cares so much for his students, his fellow professors, his family, and friends.  Most of all, he is so dedicated to his work.  This blog is dedicated to my advisor and Exercise Physiology I professor, Dr. Sean Collins. 

The first few weeks ever in UML was a bit scary for me.  I came fresh from an all boys high school in Malden, MA and I didn't know what college life is like.  I would look around and see how different the college life is from private school;  I knew I felt left out.  But as soon as I met my advisor, Dr. Collins, the transition from college to high school became smoothier.  Seriously, everytime I visited him in his office, I would always come out with a smile and a chuckle (and sometimes a hold-release slip so I can register for classes).  He is a great guide, teacher, and hero through my career in UML.  As a hero, he gave light to my fellow students and me.  When he was a student, he struggled trying to improve his grades; at one point he was in academic probation.  When all hope was lost, he closed his eyes and told himself to never give up.  Next thing you know he is a professor in UML teaching one of the hardest subjects on campus.  As a student would say, he went from an almost-failure to the brightest and most respected individual on campus.  His story gave me the drive to work as hard as I can to reach for my goals.  He helped me become the student I am now - professional, well-rounded and brillant.  I can honestly say that without his help, care, and love for what he does and what he continues to give to the EP and UML community, many would not even be here in this great university. 

I remember one time when my friends and I were studying for one of his exams, I certain nickname came up for Dr. Collins:  Papa Collins.  We could tell by his personality and care for what he does that he is a family man who loves his wife and children.  Sometimes I think our classes and meetings with him is more like a father teaching his kids the lessons of life, guiding them through the storm, and picking them up when they need the most help.  He is just that father figure that all of his students needed in school.  I don't know if any of his students feel this fatherly or "best friend" figure with him... maybe its just me. 

I really hope that all of you future EP/PT (or other majors) students would get a chance to meet this wonderful man, my advisor, and professor, Dr. Collins.



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