Speed, Agility, and Free Food

Hey everyone!  Long time no see!  A lot of things have happened to me the past few days and I'm trying to fight the problems off.  Despite the problems, I did very well on my Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships midterm (102 out of 100 points), a 95 on my Intro to Gerontology Elderly Issues Project, and an 86 on my 2nd gerontology test.  Hmmm, I guess I just got lucky... seriously. 

Today my EP II lab performed speed and agility tests.  Right away I thought, "oh no not another test that will kill me!!!"  The tests we performed were the T-Test, the Side Step Test, and the Hexagon (of Doom) Test.  This all involves moving quickly from point A to point B.  Honestly, the most interesting test was the Hexagon Test.  Imagine a hexagon with 22" sides and angles about 120 degrees (approximated).  The object of the test is to jump from the center of the hexagon, jump over one of the sides, jump back to the center, jump to the next side... and so on.  You have to complete 3 "circles" around the shape.  You are timed.  It might sound easy, but getting the pattern down in a quick motion is extremely hard.  Fortunately my past experience with plyometrics (especially Mr. Smith's ladder drills) helped me go through all the tests.  Funny enough, I'm not a big recreational college student, nor too sedentary... and I had the lowest (and best) times for all test.  I don't get it.  After years of absence from these kinds of workouts, I still had it in me.  I felt good after doing well in these tests.  I cannot forget falling backwards from the T-Test during my backwards run back to Point A... oh well.

My award for doing so well was watching a good ol' game of UML Riverhawk Softball!!!  I've heard that the team was pretty good and I had to see myself.  Secondly, there was free food being offered by (I think) The Blue Fan Group, which is the student fan club for Riverhawk Sports.  I watched the softball game with my friend and EP buddy, Corinne.  Throughout the game, we talked "baseball" (well softball) and talked about our experiences with the sport.  It was pretty fun and I enjoyed sitting on the cold metal benches in a nice breezy day right next to the Merrimac River.  I didn't know if they won or lost, but I do know that they were playing a great game.  They were winning when I left to head back to my city to do baseball practice for my baseball team.  My baseball team looks pretty good this year.  I can feel the championship run forming beneath my feet. 

I think I'm going to bed early since I'm overall exhausted,

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