Late April Fatigue Disorder


Maybe you have noticed this at your high school or college, but the weather has been beautiful the past few days.  It has been beautiful enough to make you not want to work on any school work, skip a day at work, and go outside and play.  I've been feeling this lull lately, and its making me not focus as much.  Usually this is the problem most college students go through during the final stretch of the semester.  On top of it all, it seems that traffic on highways increased.  I guess since there is nice weather (and school vacation for many places) everyone wants to travel despite the sharp increasing gas prices.  If I was a doctor of laziness, I would definitely have the following criteria for "Late April Fatigue Disorder."  By the way it is acute, since the warm weather does not last forever (sometimes).

1)  The environmental (outside) temperature must be above 65 degrees for a particular sense of laziness.  As the temperature increases, the urge to not do any school work and just have fun outside increases.  Of course there is a threshold where most people would rather stay inside in the cool AC.  Usually above 90 degrees (depending on the humidity, UV index, air pollution etc).

2)  The amount of school work usually depends on how focused a student is.  Of course it varies person to person.  For example, if a student does not have any finals and only have two small papers left, the student may "slack off" more than a student with tons of finals and papers (like me).  Another senario, if a student has tons of things due, he or she may put it off to the last minute, which might be a grade killer.

3)  Usually the current grade depends of the laziness.  If a student has all A's in class, he or she may slack off and think, "hey I'll do fine the rest of the semester and I'll just take it easy from now on."  At the same time, that student probably does not understand that his or her (Dyanmics) paper is 80% of their grade.

1) STAY ON TOP OF THINGS!!!  The more on schedule you are with your work and studying, the better your chances of a better grade. Here is my logical explanation.   If a student stays on top of things, study or doing a paper without burning an all nighter, and usually studies everyday (with a day of for a mental refresher), the student would obviously do very well on exams and will have a better grade.  A better grade on an evaluation is directly proportional to the final grade (if the exam grade is high, your final grade will be high).  Since you have a higher final grade, you're stress level will be lower.  Then you will have a great summer.

On the other hand, if a student does not "pace" their school work, their grade might decrease, which reflects their final grade.  This would make them work even harder, and most likely be more stressful to make a particular grade.  This would make them think about their GPA, if they need to repeat a class, etc.  Repeating a class to make up for lost time is extra money, thinking power, and time.  If you need to repeat a class because you did not do well, you sometimes can repeat it during the summer.  But then again, it cuts off your summer fun, and with increasing gas prices, it will affect you finanically.  Ouch.  It can be a never ending domino effect if you are not on top of things.

2)  Taking a day off is not bad!!!   If you are a student who works everyday and is taking a mental toll, take a day off.  It's not bad taking a day off and enjoying a nice 80 degree weather day. Like resting during exercise, your mentality needs rest too.  There is so much your brain can handle before you start stressing too much. 

3)  Stay positive.  I know there will be days when the summer-like sun will distract you from doing work.  Sometimes this distraction might make you think, "hey, I've been far behind on everything and I'm not going to do well."  Thinking negative might make you even more stressed out.  Always tell yourself that you can make it to the finish line with flying colors.  

Of course, this whole thing was just for fun, and its not a real disorder (hehe).  But its true that it affects tons of students (elementary to graduate school).  Like I said, don't let the summer-like weather beat you down, because you might end up taking a summer class to retake a class you did not do well on.  Then you will regret not working hard enough during the last few weeks of school.  That's what I think. 

Well time to force myself to get to work,

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