I forgot today is a Thursday...

Hello everyone!

Right now, I'm just sitting on front of a computer in O'Leary Library in South Campus.  I'm near the stairwell, so there's tons of people flying by me to catch their next class.  Nothing exciting happened the past few days.  Same ol' homework and studying for test.  About test and quizzes, I had two exams and one quiz in a 24 hour span.  This is something a college student has to get used to.  There will be times when you have tons of things due on one day, have multiple exams, and other evaluations in a short span.  Here's the best advice for you:  Spread out your studying, working on papers, etc.  Never ever wait until the last minute... it will weaken you mentally and might ruin you academically.  Trust me I've tried it.  Once I've waited until the last minute to study for an exam, so I crammed until 2AM in the morning, only leaving me with 3-4 hours of sleep (I had to get up 5:30am).  Sleep may become a problematic thing for college students.  It might be due to the large workload from school and work, or it may be from partying too hard (which I don't do).  Try your best to get a good 6-8 hours of sleep.  As the school year gets harder, and more things are due, you need to freshen up your mind for a good academic fight.  Trust me, having a few hours asleep before an exam (especially for a 45 minute drive in heavy traffic) is never good. 

Is it just me, or Thursdays are unusually long for me?  Let's think about it.... 8am class and a 3pm class which gives me a 6 hour break in between... I always spent a good deal of time doing my EP II Lab Report... maybe I should just relax and enjoy the 70 degree weather.  Funny enough, I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  I can't wait until the summer!

Thinking about taking a nap outside,

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