Being "Down" about Exams... and Some Awesome Photos

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Today I received my grade for my EPII 2nd exam and I didn't do as bad, but I thought I would've done better.  I've notice that some college students would be "down" or become depressed about receiving grades lower than what they have thought.  Especially in such a major like this, where we have to keep a high GPA to stay in the program, and maintain an overall and science 3.5 GPA to get a type of "early invitation" to Doctor in Physical Therapy Grad School, it can be quite a bummer to receive low grades.  I myself is down about the fact that I cannot receive higher than an A- because of my performance in the last exam.  But this is not the end of the world folks (and telling myself).  Sure, being the best overall student is a goal everyone should achieve, but trying to be perfect is not the ideal.  Sure, it is great to aim for perfection, but being perfect is no good.  I've noticed that those who try to be perfect would often stress on a mistake that may be simple or complex.  Stressing on a mistake is something no one should do.  You've probably heard about a saying, "learn from your mistakes."  It is true that you can learn from what you have misinterpret or have done wrong.  It will help you fix that mistake in the future. 

It is absolutely okay to get an okay grade on your exam.  You can try harder on the next exam.  You will not fall off the face of the Earth.  There is always a better tomorrow.  I know that a particular grade can affect your overall grade which also can affect your GPA, which might affect your chances to go to a particular school.  This is why you must work very hard, study throughout a long period of time, apply resting days where you can mentally clear your mind from everyday stressors, and keep a positive attitude.

I really hope I'm making sense here...

By the way, I have a friend who I met in "Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships" name Casey Hobart.  She has tons of fantastic photography that I want to share with you all!!  Also, there are pictures of stain glass art that she made herself!  

Visit the "Adventurous" Photographer Casey Hobart in:

I hope that keeps you smiling during the final stretch of the 2008 Spring Semester!!!!!


"Quiet" Christian   


Katherine said:

Hello! After an uneventful search for Dynamics info on Google, I happened to notice a blog by a Christian who is talking about Dynamics. I was almost positive it was you and, lo and behold, I was right! Glad to have happened upon you even if it's not in person haha At least it's not Facebook :p Seeya tomorrow!

p.s. Thanks for Casey's links. Beautiful work, eh?

-Observing Katherine

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