Awesome Spring Events This Week!


Hi everyone,

I'm just stopping by to say hello on my Patriots Day off!  Every spring semester, I've always looked forward to this week, because UML students always have Monday (Patriots Day) and Friday (University Day) off, leaving us with only 3 days of classes for the week.  Sweet, huh?  Most of all, if a student normally does not have any classes on Fridays, he or she will have Wednesday off since Wednesday during that week is designated as a "Friday Schedule."  Unfortunately, I do have classes on Fridays, so I have a class of Wednesday.  What stinks even more is that I have an Exercise Physiology exam Wednesday, and Feedback Sheets due Thursday for Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships.  So this week will pretty much be busy. 

There are tons of events going on this week.  The big event is the Spring Carnival on Thursday, April 24, 2008.  This is where students (and professors) can have fun with inflatable moon bounces, some rides, bumpercars, have a bite to eat, get some free stuff, water dunk your professor, etc etc etc.  In other words, this is where a college student can take a break before finals and be a kid for once!  Also, a famous comedian (don't know his name), a battle of the bands competition, and a late night outdoor movie are part of the carnival events. 

Another cool event is the UML Dancing With the Stars!  The UML Ballroom will dance the cha cha, the waltz, and other ballroom dances with the university's most popular professors and staff.  This will be like the real show, but all packed in one large event! The event will be held this Wednesday, April 23, 2008.  For more info, the website is

Finally, there will be a Spring Fling Dance at the end of the week on April 21, 2008.  It is a sem-formal type of dance where students can also unwind and relax before being hit by a brick during finals.  It's free for UML students including one guest.

Unfortunately because of my schedule and things going on with my baseball team, I don't think I'll be able to make any of the events this year (tear falling).  I can definitely say that UML always gives back to their students by holding fun-filled events to relieve stress from studying and make the college life interesting and worthwhile! 


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