Rounding Second Base!!!!!!


You probably already know that I'm a huge baseball fan... let me say again HUGE baseball fan.  I usually try to make analogies that involves some aspect of baseball.  Okay, okay, maybe this is going overboard but I got a good one about college semesters. 

Here's my baseball description (I'll use Manny's name since he was the hero of game 1 of the opening series):

"Manny is 5 for 5 so far in this game with a lifetime batting average of 1.000 (I know unrealistic... but read on!).  Manny is up at bat with Johan Santana (Cy Young bruiser) up on the mound.  The first pitch is a strike; the count is 0-1.  The outfielders are unusually shallow for this hard hitter... here comes the pitch, and there's a rocket down to 3rd base!!!!  Here's Manny rounding 1st base.... the ball hops off the fence and goes away from the left fielder!!!  The crowd is going wild!!! Manny is heading to second... and..."

Okay here is the translation:

I'm a junior college student on my spring semester, so technically, I'm on my 6 semester and I've completed 5 semesters successfully (hence 5 for 5:  5 successful hits and 5 at bats).  Not being a stage-hog, I believe I've done very well academically throughout my life without failing a semester/quarter, so I'm "perfect" so far (1.000 batting average).  This semester I've been seen a few bumps on the road (first strike of the at bat), but got myself up and swinging (hard hit down the 3rd base line).  The first half of the semester is over already (rounding first and heading to second) and I'm looking into the second half with a positive outlook (zoomed passed second base and...)

TO BE CONTINUED (Suspenseful, huh?)

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