Round 1: Over - Time for Spring Break!!!!


Whew... the first half of the semester is over and it's finally spring break!  Today I had my first exam for Exercise Physiology II.  Of course, these exams are pretty tough and challenging, so it wasn't that easy.  I feel good after taking it, so I think I did well.  Like what Prof. Chamberlain says, "Be Brillant!!"  (If you are planning to be an Exercise Physiology student, the word "brillant" is something you will hear a lot, even when our very own Pro. Chamberlain retires).  So to celebrate the end of the first half, my friends and I went to play a few games of pool at the McGauvran Student Center.  The pool tables over there bring back good memories from the past few years, from meeting my best friend to relieving stress by shooting cueballs into pockets. 

The first half of the semester felt pretty fast.  My first day of classes felt like it was yesterday!  This feeling always comes to my friends and I during every semester.  Constant studying, completing assignments, projects, and other fun academic evaluations makes the college semester fly so fast.  So this may be a good thing, if you want to get through your college career, or it may be a bad thing if you want to grasp every minute of the college life. 

Oh yeah by the way, just a friendly reminder to all future UML students, there is no such thing as a february winter break.  Sorry folks... instead there is a March break week, aka Spring Break.  (Yeah... the stereotypical week where college students go to warmer beach-like destinations... or when students do an "alternative break" where they help needy people and serve other communities). Don't be discouraged!  College semesters are relatively short and there is a major one month break between the fall and spring breaks. This is actually better than having a short high school one week break! 

Well I really don't have anything else to say, since I'm laying on my couch watching a movie and finally relaxing!  


I'm thinking of more topics for my next blog... maybe a lecture about the UML "lingo" we use everyday; I'll figure it out.

Have a great weekend!!


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