Meehan's Inauguration Week


Hello everyone,

I'm blogging real quick in O'Leary library, while taking a break from doing my exercise physiology II laboratory report, and listening to "Pig" by Dave Matthews Band on my iPod.  For those who don't know, next week is Inauguration Week.  It is basically a week we celebrate the inauguration of a new chancellor, who is the former MA house of representative, Martin T. Meehan.  I believe this is the first time UML had a new chancellor in thirty years or so.  Like a family getting ready for a birthday party for a young child, the university is fixing up some decorations and making areas of the campus looking tip-top shape.  Comically, all I can say is that I've never seen so many enormous "UMass Lowell" blue banners in my entire life in one sitting.  Of course, the workers here are also putting the final touches to the Allen House, the projected future of the Chancellor's office.  Probably most of you probably heard about this or not, but the Allen House used to be abandon, or close to not being used at all.  I remember coming to UML around freshmen year and seeing that place totally empty... and creepy-looking.  Funny enough, I remember one Halloween ago, a bunch of paranormal investigators went to the place to find some... well, paranormal activity.  I'm not quite sure if they found anything or not, but its former image would make you think there was something going on in there.

There will be tons of events going on during the inauguration week.  It also includes many talks, like "A Vision for Addressing Climate Change," and even a concert by Gym Class Heroes on Tuesday, April 1, 2008!  Here is the link of all event information------>  Inauguration Week


Well time to be "brillant" on this EP lab report,

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