Feeling Bigger All of a Sudden


Yesterday, after 6pm, I felt like I was "bigger" than I was that morning.  I finally feel like my EP career at UML has made a major turn towards the finish line. Okay, let me explain as best as I can.  Yesterday, the junior exercise physiology class had a meeting with our own Professor Chamberlain about the senior Clinical Practicum.  This meeting involved the requirements and deadlines we had to fulfill before we head out and be "brillant" at our sites, either during the Fall semester or spring semester.  Luckily, I claimed my spot for the spring semester, which gives me more time to prepare myself for the real-world stuff.  This meeting hit me like a brick. It's like a person telling you that your days at UML is winding down, and you have to pass these obstacles to get your degree.  But I remembered what Professor Chamberlain said to us last year during the Introduction to Exercise Physiology class: there are no obstacles.  In other words, no matter whatever is on the path of life, you can overcome them, with your heads up high with no doubts about the road ahead of you.  I try my best as a student to go through my college career without thinking negatively about myself.  Keeping a positive outlook will make you a better student.  I have gotten this far into my career with a positive outlook.  Sure, there were times when I felt doubtful and had my head down.  But believing in yourself and tackling everyday like it was a final exam will make you successful.


So here is some advice: 
No matter where you go, you will never find an easy college, where you just fill in the blanks without any thought and mind.  College is filled with hard work and weeks where you are crammed with due dates.  As you enter college life at the start of freshmen year, stay on top of everything and believe that there is nothing that can stop you, not even a paper, presentation, a study session or even problems outside of college.  Every step you take through the years with an open mind, the "bigger" you are as a student.  At the end, you will look back at your four years at UML and say, "Wow, that was an awesome ride."  So do not look at the mirror and say you don't have what it takes.  At UML, there are so many great professors that will help you succeed.  Trust me on this. 

Well time to clean up my room and get ready for work.  Wow, I hope my talk made sense, haha. 



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