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Hello everyone,

Just stopping by to say "hello" and hoping you all are having an awesome week.  Next week is Spring Break and I'm pretty excited about it.  It's a big money saver when it comes to food/gas money! 

The topic of the day is the UML Recreational Center in East Campus.  The "Rec Center" is a pretty new facility which opened a few years ago, most possibly before I was a freshman here.  The "Rec Center" is an awesome place to workout, get a massage, play pool, racketball, basketball, and of course many other great activities.  This is definitely the "crown jewel" of residential/commuter life in UML.  The workout equipment is state of the art, with tons of open space to do any type of resistance training exercises.  There is also another level where you can work on your cardiovascular health with treadmills, rower, cycles and even a oval elevated track!  There are also extra rooms where you can do some dance practice (ie. my girlfriend practiced her dance she choreographed by herself for her church).   Whew, there are so many other things to mention!

The rec. center is easily accessible in East Campus.  You can't miss it!  If you're on a different campus, you can either take the shuttle to East Campus, or drive and park at the new parking garage next to LeLacheur Park (Home of UML Riverhawk Baseball and the Double A (AA) Red Sox affiliate, Lowell Spinners). 

Oh yeah, don't forget.  Working out at the Rec Center is totally free!  Come and go as many times as you want!

Yep.  So that's about it about the Rec Center.  I can't emphasize enough that exercise should be a definite part of your life.  When you are down in the dumps, exercise can revive your spirits, and heck, it is healthy for you!  


By the way, I still have some effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)... look it up, haha.

Healing (go away DOMS!)


Katherine said:

Ooh I didn't know about this. (I'm a commuter and really out of the loop). Are there dance/aerobics/yoga classes there? Or is just free use for everyone?

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