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Hello class,

I know this is Spring Break, and everyone's mind is away from school (sorry high school students/transfers), but I feel that I should give you the "low-down" on the lin-go of some UML commuters (probably a good 10 of us, haha).  Well let's talk about the history.

Throughout the years, my friends and I have created "short-cut" words for the various places/things at UML.  Honestly, I don't know if anyone uses the same words, but I think it would be a fun topic to talk about.  If you are planning to come here and you hear the following words, you're going to be a pro at it already.  Maybe you can make up your own words for some things, too!


I parked in...

The Big Lot  =  Riverview Lot in South Campus
Music Lot  =  Durgin Hall's mini parking lot. This is the parking lot next to the hall of music majors
Coburn =  The parking lot behind Coburn Hall
Mahoney = The side parking lot between Mahoney Hall and the Riverview Lot
VIP lot = The mysterious, yet legal all-decal (I hope so) parking spaces behind the Mahoney Hall Gym. It's a term my friends and I use a lot.
Softball Field = During the first few weeks of classes, the grass field behind the softball fieldin South Campus is used as an overflow parking lot... so we didn't park on the softball field, haha.
North = The commuter parking lot at North Campus; this is the only place commuters are allowed to park.
The Garage = The only parking Garage in UML, which is in East Campus. 

I'm going to...

The Lounge (or The Commuter) = The Commuter Lounge at McGauvran Student Center
The Cafe / (Commuter Cafe) = Nope, not the cafeteria, but the Broadway and Wilder Sub Shop in McGauvran.
The Mez = This is the mezzanine section of the O'Leary Library.  This is considered the "Quiet Study" area, and where most groups study/work on their presentations.  (Unfortunately, this is not a quiet place to study).
3rd Floor O'Leary = This is where the Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services (CLASS) is located.  This is where most students get tutored, use the computers for class assignments, and more other stuff. 
4th Floor O'Leary = Most possibly the quietest place to study or even take a nap between classes.  This is where most of the library books are.
Nurse's Lounge = As Named. The basement area of Weed Hall where various health and environment majors study or just hang out between classes. 
Tunnels = If you are in South Campus, this is the tunnel that connects the Dining Hall and Weed Hall.  If you are in North Campus, this is the tunnels that connects almost every hall, so you don't have to go outside at all.  I call it the Rat Tunnels, because of its "winding" path, but its commonly known as the tunnels to most people.
Gym = When most students say they're going to the gym, the place they're heading is the Recreational Center in East Campus.  Athletes would go to the Costello Gym in North Campus.


I definitely know there's a bunch of other words that students use, or different names for these places.  At UML, you definitely create a specialized language that most people out of UML won't understand.  When this happens, then you know you're at home at UMass-Lowell. 

Until next time,

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