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Hey guys, hope all of you have been doing well. We have about 5 weeks until finals and I'm sure everyone is just waiting for weeks to fly by. April definitely seems like it goes slower every year.

So in case you have not heard, our school was in the NCAA men's ice hockey tournament last week. It was the first time 16 years our school has made it and safe to say, it was a tremendous accomplishment.

We went into the tournament as heavy underdogs, many predicted we'd get knocked off in the first round by Miami (OH). They do have a talented team, but we play the game to see who really is the better team that night. Safe to say, in a hard fought battle, UMass Lowell pulled out a win in OT after blowing a 3 goal lead. It was dramatic to say the least, since they had to kill a 5 minute major penalty just to get to overtime. It was some of the best hockey I've watched since last June, when the Bruins were in the playoffs.

We eventually lost the next night to an excellent team in Union, again in a hard fought battle. Amidst all this action, I was so proud of the way this hockey team represented the school. To be honest, I've met many people who had a negative view about the hockey team in general and I'm not sure that's warranted. The school may invest in the hockey team and favor it over other activities that students may find more interesting or important, but that doesn't mean the team itself deserves the hate. I know some of the "hockey people" over at our radio station were not very friendly or considerate, but I never despised the team for it.

So watching these guys fight for a win on ESPNU as the underdogs of the tournament just made me a proud student inside. Being a sports fan, I may have had that extra emotion compared to others, but nonetheless, a very proud feeling. It's almost like that tournament defined who we are as a school. We are underdogs and not very well known compared to other high end schools. But we defy the odds. The way these players fought for all battles on the ice was just a pleasure to watch.

But the most important message of all? The fact that we lost but we left a message to all other schools in the tournament and in the nation. We will fight until the bitter end and will keep on improving, both the school and the hockey team alike.

Do I sound too dramatic? Haha I might sound a bit dramatic but you guys can see I enjoyed watching our team play. Some of the guys are in my classes and they seem like very nice, good students. Hopefully, they keep on improving and I hope to see them in the big level someday, should they decide to pursue that road.

Well that's it for me. I'll talk to you all next week! I have an ambitious project I want to start for next year and I'll reveal that in the next blog.

Hey guys! It's spring break and I am definitely enjoying my spring break. Believe it or not, I have still been busy during break, which is the only downside to it. I hate being busy but such is life I suppose! Summer must be the break that I must wait for.

I titled this blog "A Reason to be Thankful" because of an award that I recently received from the school. I'm sure some of you have heard of the award, which is "Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges." I was lucky enough to be chosen as a student being awarded, and the award really reminded me that I need to be thankful for everything that I have right now.

It's not just the words but I honestly feel this way. I've had my ups and downs during my college years but I only tend to remember the downs. Being human and a college student, I complained about a lot of things I didn't have, instead of embracing the things that I did have in my life already. I've already accepted the fact that the downs are going to happen and I need to deal with it.

But I told myself that I'd compliment and encourage myself when the ups do happen. This is one of those moments! I am proud of this achievement and I will be honored on April 1st, along with the ODK induction ceremony.

I understand that I am busy but good things are occurring and I want to be able to live in the moment. I wanted to write about it so I can remember!

But that's just my tidbit for the break. I promise I'll go back to writing something much more interesting for the next one. I hope you all enjoy your spring break as well!

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