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School's out!

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Hey everybody! I hope everyone is doing well! We are out of school officially, all done with finals, and all the grades are out. The seniors await their graduation ceremony (my brother haha) and that's it for them for the rest of their life as well. What a journey for them.

So have you guys made plans for the summer yet? A great way to prepare for the summer is to make a list of things that you want to do with your friends and yourself. This doesn't necessarily mean setting goals, which is okay, but more on what you want to do to relieve stress or make fun memories. I am already starting to do this, and the list includes camping and six flags. Not a bad way to start.

Second thing to think about during the summer is jobs. With this economy, you may think it's hard to get jobs, but there are plenty of part time jobs out there. It really depends on how much you want to get the job. I will be working for the school this summer so this should be a fun experience. I hope everything goes well because it's going to be an hour drive to Lowell everyday haha.

There is going to be a lot of work done on the school during the summer so don't be surprised if there are changes after you come back. I am anticipating good adjustments and hopefully another great year is ahead. Until then, enjoy your summer vacation, and make sure you check back every week! Check us out on twitter as well!


Until next time,

Hey guys Andy here again. I hope everyone is doing well. My last finals are on Wednesday and then I'm done! Some of you have more to go and some of you don't.

For those of you that are not done, this blog is for you. I know many students get frustrated this time of year when it comes to finals. I was just stressed out a week ago. It's funny how stressed I can get during this time of year. Accounting and Marketing were not my strong subjects, but I managed to do well in both exams. Awesome.

So how did I get through the stress and how did I do well? Well first off, the obvious reason, was that I studied. I didn't study as hard as I could, I can admit that, because that would be staying up and studying for like 8 hours straight. I am capable of that and many of you are, but it doesn't help anyone since we tend to lose focus quickly. Instead, I took short breaks every 30 minutes and studied from chapter to chapter, concept to concept. Once you do that, it might be easier on the brain and the patience.

I think the second reason is because I took a break from studying altogether at periods. I went out with my friends and brother for a little bit and then came back to study again. It was a good system. As long as we are not thinking about studying, we should be all set when we actually come back to study.

So conclusively, I want all of you to relax. Finals are a big deal, but not as big as some people make it out to be. You will do fine if you paid attention in class. If you did not, well, why did you even sign up for college? That's on you. Shame on you.

I hope all of you ace the finals and bring home the good news. I am 2 for 6 so far in terms of good grades and I am hoping for more. Until next time!

Hey guys...Andy here. It's my birthday today! I am a happy camper right now haha. But I am back with another blog and another episode of a story on campus. This one has to do with the tutoring system at UMass Lowell.

So hear me out guys. It is finals week and students are bound to go to tutoring for extra help. I'm sure you guys have been there at point. This is where the story comes in. I have been hearing this for more than one occasion and I wonder if it applies to any of you. Apparently when students go in for tutoring, they are not exactly getting the help they need. To be more clear, I am hearing that tutors are not of any help on multiple occasions.

What does it all mean? I don't want to call out some of the tutors, but what do you think should be done to fix these measures? I have experienced the same things myself and have no answer. I don't expect them to answer every single question that I have, but being paid and all, I think more effort should be put in during these sessions. I'm sure you guys have seen people pull out the answer key and just give you the answers.

For every bad tutor, there is a good one as well. Let's hope that there are more to come in the upcoming years so money is well spent on these tutors.

Til next time,


Hey guys...long time no blog! Preparations for the final exams and final projects are driving me nuts. Hope you guys are holding your own!

So I decided to dedicate this blog to a story I heard from a friend's situation. It involves housing. I will keep the names anonymous and will try to explain the story in detail. You guys can then decide if this is fair for yourselves.

So this particular friend lives on school housing, in the apartments. The school has a renewal stage every year, where residents have to file for a renewal for the apartments, so they can come back next year if they wished. My friends wanted to come back. They were very aware of when the deadline was and what they had to do to file the application in. As you can probably guess, they missed the deadline and couldn't file.

Now this is where the story gets interesting. The friends realized that it was past the deadline after 17 hours of the deadline. So my friend quickly ran over to the Office of Residence Life to plead his case, but the final verdict was that there was no way they can change anything and that it was unfortunate.

My friend claims his RA didn't even remind him of the deadline [and he thinks that's part of their job]. So they have to look for private apartments for next year and will have to pay on a monthly basis.

What do you guys think? Is Residence Life being unreasonable? Is a 17 hour lateness a legitimate argument to why nothing can be done for students that have committed to school housing for 2 years? Or is it completely their fault? Should they be blamed 100% for forgetting an important deadline? It's a rhetorical question really. Be a judge for yourselves. =]

I will be back again with another story on campus on my next blog. Before I say goodbye, I'd like to congratulate my friend's younger brother for getting accepted into UMass Lowell and coming here! Congrats Alex!

Until next time,


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