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Hey guys, it's Andy here. Hope you all had a good week. It definitely is crunch time.

I wanted to talk about the capital improvements at UMass Lowell today. So there are many changes coming within the span of 2 years in this university, have you heard? I'm talking about physical changes. I'm sure many of you have watched the construction works going on north campus, but aren't sure of what it's all about. Well I'm here to tell you!

First thing I suggest is to follow UMass Lowell on Facebook if you are not already doing so. Sometimes they might throw boring news, but sometimes they throw out news that you might be really [and I mean really] interested in. It's very good to keep track of. They update it frequently.

I am providing a link right here so you guys can check out what changes are being made in UMass Lowell. There are a lot of improvements coming and it's excellent that the school is providing this information. Garages and the St.Joseph's Hospital projects are sure to be interesting as years go by.

Changes to the school website is coming as well. Keep an eye out for that. I might be in there somewhere. I am very sneaky that way. =]

By the way, I saw a fellow blogger Matt [? I think so] post a blog about jocks in this school and how they think they run it. I'm sure there are many people you have interacted with that have acted that way, but there are still good students around here. The best thing about college is that you can ignore these people and make sure they don't interfere with your personal life. If that starts to happen, then your college experience is ruined because of a group of kids that were irresponsible. It's not worth it.

Anyhow, that's all for today. Keep on studying! We only have 2 more weeks...or something like that haha.

Hey guys. It's Andy here again with another blog. Hope you all are doing well in your studies and such. And I hope all you high school students made your decisions about school! If you are coming to UMass Lowell, even better!

So let's get to the title question. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side right? So then comes a follow up question. Why did UMass Lowell students cross the road? The answer is the same. To get to the other side.

Which brings up to my main point, which is the minor issue going on in crossing the road between the bridge and north campus. I've seen students cross for almost 2 years now and I haven't heard of any injuries or accidents. But the way students cross the road sometimes calls for a concern. Students are relentlessly crossing the road during red lights, instead of waiting for the white lights to cue the okay to cross. I am guilty of this myself, as students are mostly in a hurry for whatever reason.

There have been close calls and I've witnessed a couple of them. Just like the students crossing the road, drivers can be relentless as well.  It is a safety issue that the school should consider looking into. My suggestion is to allow more opportunities to cross safely by programming the white cross lights to show up more than now. It sounds simple to me.

That's my small rant for this week. I hope you all are careful when crossing the street!

Til next time,

Hey guys. Long time no blog. I hope you all have been doing well. I have been very busy for a couple weeks due to projects and assignments. Like I said last year, March/April is crunch month!

So I went to advising yesterday and try to make sense of what I want to do for the rest of my college career. I knew that I am going to be a marketing major so that is all set. But the way the business schedule works out, it's much more efficient if I double majored in something. My intent was to major in marketing and international business, but since IB is relatively new, there is absolutely no information on it!

This is where my rant begins. Why can't they have more information regarding the major on the website? There is absolutely nothing on the website that can help current students. So here I am, waiting until sign ups begin for confirmation on whether I can enroll for certain classes or not. My adviser couldn't help me as she didn't have enough information as well. Hopefully everything goes well for you guys.

By the way, did you guys know that the school is launching a new website in June [or around there]? I am going to be one of the students featured I guess and I had a photoshoot at the radio station the other day. I have a very awkward smile, but it was a great experience!

I am waiting for the Red Sox season to start in approximately...30 minutes. I can't wait!

Til next time,


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