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Hi folks. Andy here again. I wanted to wait until the end of vacation to write a blog and tell you guys how it went. It was a very relaxing and well-deserved vacation for everyone. 

I stayed home throughout vacation and pretty much relaxed. It was a routine of video games, sleep, and occasional street hockey. This kind of vacation right in the middle of the semester is so helpful because we can just relax. I know some families planned trips and such, but for me, resting at home with the family was the best. 

So now that school resumes tomorrow, I just counted the weeks until the semester is over, and it is about 7 weeks. Can you guys believe it? Those weeks will definitely fly. I remember last year's April. So many projects and assignments were due. I expect pretty much the same this year haha. I am not confident at all. But don't let my non-self-confidence bring you guys down!

2nd half of the intramurals started so go sign up! Part of the whole "going fast" thing was participating in intramurals. As you wait for your weekly games, you won't realize how fast the months are going. If you are a sports fan like myself, this is definitely the way to go.

I will come back with another blog sometime this week. I will try to pick a topic from the campus that is worth talking about. I will definitely try to find some good buzz around campus haha.

Until next time,

Hey everybody! I was a little late with this one but no worries, I am back. I have been sick for the last four days. I never ever get sick but this time, I really got sick. It was not fun.

So for four days I lied down in my bed and watched a bunch of movies. Everyone was at work/school until dinner time, so I took care of myself. I felt real bad and wanted to write the blog yesterday at least, but my body wouldn't follow at all. So I hope you all understand.

Good news on the parking front. There are some new things that the university implemented, called satellite parking and carpooling. I have to read into more details, but basically, carpooling is exactly what it sounds like [and you get reward points] and satellite parking is additional parking for those that commute from route 113.

These ideas are definitely innovative and interesting, but time will tell if it's effective. That is pretty much the most important criterion in all this.

Spring break is coming up after this week. Do yo guys have anything planned? I don't. I can't wait to just relax all week and not be sick. The weather is definitely getting better. Next week, I'll be sure to update you guys on what I have done during break and some tips to help you ease back to classes after such a great break.

Til next time, stay HEALTHY haha.

Hey guys, Andy here. Hope you are all doing well.

I was thinking about what I should write but I couldn't really think of anything. Then I remembered that I had wanted to write about teachers and professors for a while. What is the difference between the two? Why do some prefer one over the other? Is there even a difference?

I had a mentor/teacher back in high school. Growing up without a mother, she was like a mother-like figure for me throughout high school (which were my toughest days). I am always appreciating her presence and I truly hope she's doing well now as well. She is a strong, influential women and being around her was a pleasure.

I haven't had any kind of experience like that in a university. Don't get me wrong, I think there are plenty of fantastic professors here. But I think professors are exactly what they sound like. They are professional and most value efficiency in education more than connections with students. I definitely understand why, too. Professors are dealing with 100+ students most of the time and it's hard to keep track, especially when you only meet around 3 hours every week.

I've embraced and experience both aspects of education that way. I do miss the days when there was someone at school I can talk to about anything in a comfortable way. But part of coming to college was to slightly, ever so slightly, break out of that habit and start to deal with some things myself. Of course, people need each other to vent or talk about things from time to time, but I can see myself maturing as the semesters go by.

If you guys have a teacher in high school that you really miss right now, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to go visit them during spring break. What do you think?

By the way, a couple updates:
-Hoff Scholarship applications are available now so if you are eligible, go sign up!
-I really think that they are building a garage on north campus. The structure seems like it...

Til next time!


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