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Hello everybody! It's Andy once again.

I am writing this blog in regards to my first day of second semester, which was yesterday. It was quite the day. I'll explain what happened, my impressions of each class and a few advices here and there.

As your all probably know, it was cold yesterday. Actually, cold would have been an understatement. The wind felt like knives against my face. It was that cold.

So being a commuter, I parked away from the campus a little bit and had quite a bit to walk to actually get inside any building. Needless to say, my thighs froze up and I couldn't feel my face.

My first class was Accounting Managerial, a class they switched the professors on me at the last moment. He is a new professor in the school and basically, the syllabus had a lot of information and work on it. The first thing I thought about was dropping it. I didn't know if I could handle it! Anyhow, I got through the class just fine and I'll explain a little more about that in a second.

Second class was Operations Analysis, a business course. It's math-related. I had a hard time understanding the professor. Most of his work is through Vista, so I went home to see if it's a lot of work. Guess what? Vista didn't have me enrolled on to his class! I'm still waiting for a reply from my professor, as I emailed him about it. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Third class was Oral Communications, and my best friend is in the class. It was a good time and I think I am going to like this class a lot. I'll tell you more about the class at the end of the semester, but I highly recommend this.

Okay, so the only advice I really have after my first day is to not overreact. It's obvious you are not going to like certain classes, but don't panic. Try to take a different approach at it. What I did was, I looked at is a challenge for myself. I know I can't get A's all the time, and that's why I want to see how I will fare in some of these classes before I do anything. If I put in enough effort, which I'm willing to, then good results will come out. I firmly believe that. I don't think any professor wants you to study 24/7. Let's see if we can put in some effort, a little more than last semester, and we will see where it takes us.

Good luck to everybody on their spring semester!

Next week? No way.

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Hello everybody...it's Andy here.

School resumes on Monday. I can't believe it! Did you guys take good note of my preparations for school? I feel like I'm ready to go back. It's always this part of vacation (the last week) where I feel like it has passed by too quickly. I hope I don't get lazy in school for that reason. Vacation will come back...eventually haha.

Remember to spend your vacation wisely though! Fill out the rest of the week with some kind of activity and you will feel great. I booked the rest of the vacation with something to do, even if it's a small activity like bowling or something. I always feel like I wasted my vacation if I don't do something in the last week.

When you go back to school, make sure you consider signing up for intramural sports! Broomball is one of the greatest sports that I discovered last year, and I look forward to playing again. Being on the ice feels so good and it's rare to go on it without skates. Definitely worth looking into. There are also more sports offered, but broomball is the way to go for me.

Weather has been looking bad lately. Chances are, during school, the same conditions might happen. Make sure the surroundings are safe. I know for a fact commuters may have to drive through the snow and that is a big pain. I may have to write about that later if I have to go through it haha.

I'll blog about school next week. Yay for fun!
Hey guys, it's Andy again with another blog. Hope you guys are staying warm in this cold weather. The spring semester isn't that far away. Whether that is good news to you guys or not, it's still something to be anticipating for as the days go by.

So then you may know that feeling, that feeling you get when you go back to school from a long vacation. The awkwardness, some weird feeling that says, "you're not ready to be back- at least not yet."

Well let's get rid of this feeling together my fellow college students, following three short simple steps. Effort is key to any of these steps.

1) Textbooks

Yes, textbooks cost a lot of money and for the less unfortunate students, it's another thing to deal with all in itself. Several ways to take care of this problem...or at least help it haha.

First, you want to check ratemyprofessors to see what students said about your professors. Some of them tell you that you don't need the textbook for a certain class. That is certainly a good sign. Don't bank on it though. Keep a mental note and a mental budget.

Second, don't buy textbooks before classes start. Wait for a couple classes to see what the professor demands. Then you have options. I cannot stress enough how many students I see in my classes pull out a shiny new textbook on the first day of class, all proud and everything. Half the time, they never touch it for the rest of the year.

Third, plan ahead to sell the books after you are done. It makes you feel better when you are actually spending fortunes to purchase the book. I personally use Amazon buyback to get some money back for the textbooks. I feel that much better.

2) Frequent Email+ISIS check ups

I know for a fact that some students don't even check their email during vacation. Terrible habit.

ISIS is good to check because it provides you critical updates about the school financially and academically. Keep on checking it, make it a habit. You never know when some important hold is going to pop up. It can really screw you over. Another important thing is that it provides you updates on your professor for the next semester. Sometimes they switch professors on you without notifying you, so it's up to you to check it constantly. I've already had it happen to me for the upcoming semester. I'm not happy.

I find the emails helpful for more social types of things around the campus. Even during vacation, you might end up getting important information anyway, so it's good to make it a habit and check it. A good example might be a professor emailing to tell you a change in room number or textbook.

Then, in the end, you will be updated on everything you need to know and won't feel left out!

3) Studying

Broad, I know. But hear me out.

I'm sure there was a subject that you weren't satisfied with last semester. You may never even see that subject again, but pull out the papers (if you still got 'em) and take a look. Quiz yourself again if you want. Patch your holes and weaknesses during vacation. Not only does it improve confidence, it also helps you develop and learn study habits. It carries over, trust me.

Now if it's a subject you know you will see again, I shouldn't even have to explain what you have to do next. Look, this is college. Don't blow it. One of your duty as a college student is to become an expert at your major. So put in the effort and you won't regret it later.

I know that was long but thanks for reading guys. I'll be back again sometime soon. Until then, keep these three steps in mind!
Hey guys, Andy here. Hope you all had a very enjoyable Christmas and I wish everyone a happy new year!

Having said that, it's a good way to set goals for the year academically and socially. If you are like me, you've probably would like to achieve a bit more in both areas. I would definitely like to increase my GPA a little bit since I had a rather disappointing semester. And number one on my list is definitely making more friends. Back in middle school, I used to make a lot of friends, but somewhere down the road I stopped. I need to fix that this year.

By the way, I hope you all had a safe celebration last night. I've seen some disturbing news coming out of Lowell so always stay alert and safe. You never want to start the New Year on a sour note.

Also, I should add in that it's not too early to start looking at textbook prices for next semester. My advice is to hold off on actually purchasing it until classes start, but this way, you have a good idea on how you can manage your budget. Most of the time, there 1-2 books that you won't need as the semester goes on.

And like I mentioned in my previous blog to the high school seniors, I hope you have a good idea on what you want to do! It's good to make up your mind beforehand. I wish you all the best of luck.

That's it for now. Happy 2011 once again!


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