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Hey guys, it's Andy here once again! I was going to write last week but I had a very busy week. Today, I am going to update you guys on my life and such [because it's so interesting :p]. On Wednesday though, I'll write about a new topic that I've been thinking about for a while. You guys might be interested in reading it.

So I finished all my mid terms and it was a disaster. I don't think I did well in any of them and I definitely know I could have studied a lot longer and harder. It's that 2nd month of the semester where you start to feel lazy and that's where the midterm gets ya. It's crazy. The timing can't be so perfect against vulnerable students.

Did you guys attend the Laramie Project? I haven't gone since the schedule doesn't fit me. I really wanted to go. The controversy surrounding the play with the Westboro Baptist Church got a good amount of press and exposure. The play itself sounded interesting to begin with. Definitely worth checking out.

I heard the hockey team had a successful home opener. I couldn't go as I was busy [what else is new], but they won in OT! The best hockey to watch is when they go into OT. That's excitement. Unfortunately, we lost our next game against Northeastern, which was on Saturday.

I also signed up for the 2nd half of the intramural semester. Basketball, soccer, and hockey are the sports I am planning on to participate in. I've said it all year long, give intramurals a try! It's a lot of fun. You also never know if your team will be great or not. Happened to me in broomball. Never played it before, gave it a shot, and our team went to the championship stage. It was a crazy ride and a memorable one.

I'll be back Wednesday guys! Til then, study hard!

What's up guys? It's Andy here again. Mid terms are still going on and I really should be studying! But I'm getting way too lazy haha.

First thing I wanted to touch upon are the sticks on the parking garages. What I mean by sticks is that thing that blocks illegal cars from the parking lots. The thing that goes up when we scan our cards. You all know what I'm talking about.

So I don't know if that's an issue in any other garages/spaces, but on the east campus garage, it's always a problem. The thing is always broken in half due to some illegal park-ers we have on campus.

Normally, I wouldn't care. I've seen it broken so many times last year. But now that I am actually paying for my parking spot [lived on campus last year], it kinda grinds my gears to see that idiots would purposely break the stick to park in the garage. How is that even fair to those that actually pay for parking? Where is the dignity?

Better off, what is the university doing to prevent this from happening? They are replacing the darn thing every 2 weeks only to see it broken again right after the installment. What can be done to fix the problem?

In annoying news, UMass Lowell lost their first hockey game of the season to Maine in a crushing 8-2 loss. It was hard to watch the box score throughout the game. Let's hope for the better next time around. It is a long season after all.

I want to touch upon the Westboro Baptist Church coming to Lowell real quickly. They are protesting a gay-themed play that UMass Lowell students are performing. You can search around if you feel like you want to do something against it. I won't get further into that.

Thanks for reading as always. I'll be back with something better, hopefully, next week!

What's good guys, it's Andy here.

I was thinking about an interesting topic for the blog, but I have two exams coming up today and tomorrow, so I couldn't think of anything overwhelmingly interesting.

But I was thinking about these classes. Accounting and economics are pretty much the hardest classes I've ever taken in my life. I am not exaggerating in any way, it's truly the first time in which I feel kinda lost. Granted, I should be doing all the work, not just some of it, but I've always relied on my instincts. So basically, a good warning to the rest of you, always give your 100%. You will regret it when exam time comes. Perhaps I am the only that needs the advice haha. If you have any inputs or comments about your hardest class, feel free to leave a comment. One of my engineer major friends told me that circuits is the hardest class for him. I can only imagine...

By the way, I just may go up to Amherst during Halloween weekend to see what it is like over there. If I do go there, I will make sure I report my experiences. I heard it's crazy over there during Halloween.

UML and Bruins hockey starting this week officially! I can't wait. It's just what I have been waiting for. Yes guys, I love hockey. You should know that by now haha.

Before I stop writing, I should mention that I love the English Department. I got my work study back [long story], and I am back here working. It's awesome...all, and I mean all, the professors are friendly. I'm glad I made the right choice!

Til next time,


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