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Hello all! This is Andy with the weekly blog. We are back on campus for the Spring 2010 semester! Woo!

So the classes I am taking this semester include English 101, Chem 1, Calc, and other subjects. I am very excited about the year. All of my professors seem very nice, and I can't wait to turn efforts into solid grades.

I was in the Southwick Dining Hall today, and I saw that there were lots of events coming up on campus. Things like open mic night, plays, events for specific majors, and other fun things were advertised through posters. If you are attending the university currently, go check some of it out! I heard the open mic night is a fun thing to attend.

So I am going to apply for a RA position at the dorms for the Fall of 2010! I contemplated the decision as it comes with a lot of time sacrifice and responsibility, but ultimately I decided that this is something that I want to do. There are benefits as well, which will really help me. Interviews are conducted on February, and I will know by the end of March if I have the position or not! I will keep you guys updated on that.

WUML general meeting is next Thursday, meaning I will know next Thursday whether I have a radio show or not. Hopefully I get something in a good time slot, so I can continue with my ambition for a sports talk show!!

I think I'm going to do a write-up on the parking spaces of the UML areas next week. If you are a commuter or thinking about being one, then read next week's blog!

Stay healthy as always.


Winter break wrap up!

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Hello everybody! It's Andy again with the weekly update. We are going back to school in 2 days! I am going back up to Lowell tomorrow. I am a bit excited and nervous at the same time. I am excited because of a new semester obviously, and the new things that it has in store for us, but I am also nervous, because I don't know if I can continue the great success I had last semester. I'm sure everyone faces this dilemma at some point in their college career, but I am going to even try harder this semester and end on a great note!

My last radio show was on Wednesday...or at least I thought it was! I am not sure yet, I might have one more show left, as the spring semester schedule for the school radio station WUML is not clear yet. Anyway, I hope I get my own show for the spring semester as well. I am thinking of doing a sports talk radio show, which is something I've always been interested in.

UML hockey had some setbacks over the last weekend unfortunately. They lost twice against our arch rivals UMass Amherst. I was frustrated to say the least, but hopefully we improve on our game down the stretch.

So for all you students out there! Welcome back! And let's get part 2 of this journey rolling!

Stay safe!



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Hey guys, it's Andy here. I am currently in New Hampshire while typing this, at my sister's house. As mentioned before, she is pregnant and we are being very cautious so she doesn't get annoyed!

First thing I should mention to you current students out there is that you should frequently check your email if you haven't already! The school email that is. There will be informative emails from time to time, such as a change in the instructor in one of your classes, or maybe even your financial aid situation.

The radio show is on again tonight at 10PM~12PM! 91.5 FM or wuml.org. Make sure you guys tune in!

Did you guys do your book shopping yet? I haven't, and I don't plan to until maybe a week into the classes. I ended up not using some of the books that I bought in the first semester, so I'm going to wait it out and see what I really need. I don't suggest this to all of you, but if you suffered the same fate as me last semester, maybe it's a smart idea this time around.

The Patriots lost by the way. That was a pathetic game. At least we still have the Bruins! And the Riverhawks.

Now it's only two weeks until we go back guys! Enjoy your break. And for those of you are that applying right now to colleges, consider UMass Lowell! If you are here reading this, you are probably interested. Check out all the other blogs and see what it has to offer.

Til next time, stay safe!


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Hello everybody! This is Andy again. Hope you all had a fantastic new year so far!

Vacation has been awesome. I have been relaxing and taking it slow. I have some good news for you all, so here it goes:

As you all know, I had my first radio show last Wednesday! It was a success. My friend Chris and my brother Dave joined me on the show. We played a good variety of music and we all had a good time. We made some mistakes throughout the show, but overall, it was all a great show. We are doing it all over again tonight, 10PM~12PM on 91.5 FM or wuml.org. Hopefully you all tune in. The radio program is something that the students take real proud in, and we hope you can enjoy it, as we share music that we like personally.

Another big news I got the other day is that my older sister is pregnant! My brother-in-law and my sister broke the news right after I got out of work, so I was pretty startled. However, happiness broke in right after and I shared the good news with everyone. I can't believe I'm going to be an uncle. It's an exciting thing.

Oh and my brother's friend Alan is being assigned to Iraq. Hopefully he does well in his time there and comes back safely.

That is it for this week guys! It's about 3 weeks until we go back to school. Stay safe and healthy!

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