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Happy Turkey Day!

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Happy turkey day everyone! It's Andy again with your daily blog. I am a little on the blog this week, I do apologize for that. However, it has been a busy week, especially because of Thanksgiving, and I am slowly getting all my things done!

Anticipation was in the atmosphere on Wednesday. I only had one class on Wednesday, at 11:30 AM. Our professor told us the class was being held on Wednesday and that she is taking attendance. I thought many people would show up, but there were only 7 kid in the classroom. Talk about awkwardness! But we got through the class fine and we went over some much needed information. She said she'd give us extra points at the end of the semester for showing up. Bottom line is, if you are not doing anything, try to show up on those occasions, it will always work out to your favor!

Hope everyone had a stuffing Thanksgiving. Like many say, Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving if you didn't gain 5 lbs of pure goodness from the dinner. I went up to New Hampshire, my sister's place, and had a blast there. Thanksgiving is truly a great occasion just to relax.

One thing I realized also is the fact that the break could not have come at a better time. It's a good opportunity for students to recharge before going back for another month, giving it a full charge until the end of finals. The short break is giving me some much needed down time, and I am really appreciative of that. As long as you don't anticipate breaks and study hard, the breaks will find you!

On an interesting side note, our ISIS program is getting an upgrade! For those of you who don't know what ISIS is, it's a scholastic electronic system where students can function their student transactions and other necessary things such as signing up for a class. The design has been rather dull for a couple years, and now we are getting a new upgrade with new features and such. It is down currently for the upgrade, but when it gets back up, I am sure that things will get so much easier. I can't wait.

Students, we only have one more month until finals! Hang in there and focus. Use this break to really relax and get ready for the sprint. For the non-students (yet), continue to explore colleges and always keep UML in mind! It's the best value school around. I have a lot of kids from my home town asking me about UML and they told me that they are seriously considering the school. While I was surprised by the outburst of interest, I am still happy that my younger friends want to consider UML. Hopefully everything works out.

Stay safe!

Two hours of torture

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Hi everybody. This is Andy with the weekly blog. It's been getting chilly outside and the flu is still a concern. Good thing my family and I haven't caught anything. Hopefully it will stay that way.

There was a street hockey tournament on campus on Wednesday. It was Veteran's Day. There were a lot of teams there and from the pre game, it kinda got all of us pumped up. Our team played terrible though, I definitely should have practiced, but it is what it is. There were some free pizzas for everyone during the tournament, and I think everyone had a good time, losing or winning. It's intramural events like this you guys need to get on! It's a good way to just get out and have some fun, and meet new people. If hockey isn't your thing, there are plenty of more sports you can participate in. I actually played an indoor soccer game in another intramural league. The result of that game definitely had a different outcome than the street hockey games. We actually won.

Time to get to the meaning of the title.
It was Monday morning. All my friends were telling me the week before that we are able to sign up for classes for the spring semester starting Monday. I was very new to this, but I already had everything planned out the previous week, for a good couple hours. I used the ratemyprofessors website to make sure all the classes were great. I was going to wake up early and sign up, so I can sign up for classes while they are open.
I set the alarm for 7, and I overslept and woke up at 8:30. Thinking I wasn't too late, I logged on to ISIS and tried to sign up for classes. The next thing I realized was that there were error messages on most of my classes. Yup, they were all filled up. People were quick, and it truly was survival of the fittest.
Being the clumsy person that I am, I didn't even have a backup plan. So I looked for classes immediately that would fit my schedule and requirements. From then on, it was all hectic. I couldn't find a combination of classes that fit my requirements at all. To make a long story short, I searched and finally got a combination, after two hours of torture. It will drive me crazy, as some classes are loaded on one day, but I think I can handle it.

Point of the story is that 1) when signing up for classes, wake up early, especially if it's a popular class. 2) Have a backup plan. That's all I can say. Then you should be all set, and you should have a great semester.

Be safe everybody! I am outttt.

Just another week

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Hello everyone! It's your blogger Andy again. I just got back from the recreational center, playing some ping pong and then watching the Bruins and some UFC on the awesome TV they have there.

Today was actually North Campus day. I got the invite on facebook about a week ago, and it came as a total surprise, because they were just having a fantastic event just for the north campus. There were lots of food for the students, and I heard that they held some interesting activities as well. I wanted to attend badly, but I had class. The same old story. :P

A fun thing coming up for me tomorrow is the street hockey tournament, which is another sporting event functioned by the intramurals team. I am an avid fan of hockey, so I am very excited for this fun time. Hopefully my team does well, because the t-shirts they give out to the winners are very tempting. It's just one of those things you want, but not necessarily need ya know?

In my intro to American Politics class, which is a class many business majors may take next year, we are doing something very interesting. We are discussing pending U.S. Supreme Court cases, and we are role playing as lawyers, defending or attacking each respective case. This kind of stuff always interested me, and I am glad we are getting an opportunity to do this in class. My case is on Thursday, and hopefully I don't make any mistakes or look dumb in front of the class!

As mentioned from the previous blog, it seems like the H1N1 virus is going to be a sticky flu, and hard to get rid of. So I want everyone to look after themselves and avoid the potential flu carrying actions. Hopefully everyone stays healthy all year. Next week, I will write in detail of how the hockey tournament went. Wish us luck! (even if it's after Wednesday =) )

See you all next week!

Weekly Update

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Hello everybody! It's Andy again. I am currently in the Lydon Library doing this blog. Since there were no huge events around campus this week, I decided to give you guys little tid bits of what I have been experiencing around campus.

First things first. The hockey game against BU was probably one of the best college hockey games I've watched in recent years. It was a back and forth game, and we ended up losing 5-4. Though we lost, it felt like the whole student section was one, and we were rooting for the Riverhawks to pull off a win. It was great fast paced hockey.

It's also that time of the semester, where we have to meet with our advisers! I am completely new to the whole thing, but I am going to see my adviser in about two hours. I missed the special appointment time she has provided, but I am going to make up for it today. Hopefully everything goes well, and I can choose successful classes for next semester!

It has been more than a month I've been interning at the radio station here in UML. It's getting even more exciting, knowing that I can possibly have my own show next semester. Broadcasting your own music and your own interests over the radio for others to hear is a fascinating thing. Like I have mentioned earlier in my blogs, consider joining as an intern next semester. You definitely won't regret it.

Autumn is right before our eyes. I realized recently that we have some big trees around north campus. I can already tell the trees will look great once Autumn fully hits. The fall atmosphere is really approaching soon.

I also want to mention that you should always keep safety in mind, with the swine flu going around. If we all take precautionary measures to avoid the flu, I'm sure we can have a safe winter for ourselves. I have already started by buying hand sanitizers and hand soap so I can wash frequently. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!


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