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UML Hockey

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Hi everybody, it's Andy again.

So the home opening hockey game for UMass Lowell hockey came as advertised. I attended the game, and the experience was amazing.

To all you non-hockey fans, even if you don't like hockey, go and support UML! We have improved so much in the last 10 years or so, and this year's team looks very strong.

I have never been to the Tsongas Arena before, but I had an expectation in mind. As soon as I entered through the main entrance, I already could hear the students cheering. Loud UML chants were thumping throughout the arena, and right away I knew I was at a hockey atmosphere, which I love.

I realized that we have some real enthusiastic fans. It was amazing to be a part of the fan group, it really had me going, Many blue shirts were in the crowd, and the fan entertainment sure didn't disappoint. With giveaways and intermission activities, it never really got "boring."

We ended up winning  the game, with a great 3rd period comeback. I was learning chants throughout the game, and the comeback goal we scored against Colgate was classic. The crowd all stood up in one motion and the band played the music so loud, oh god, it was just great. Being a freshmen, I realized that this is what supporting your team was all about.

We have a game against BU this Friday, a revenge game if you will. We lost in the Hockey East finals last year to BU, with a controversial call in the 2nd period (a goal was not credited even with review). Hopefully we can continue our winning ways, and I sure hope it's filled with excitement throughout the whole game, just like it was against Colgate.

My advice to you is this. Whether you're a student here at UML or not, try to attend one of these home games. Hockey alone won't change someone's mind about a college, but just like many other colleges, UML fans have a unity here as well. Try out the atmosphere and see if you like it. It will be worth your trip and time.

So long til next time. Go Riverhawks!

Quick hits

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Hello everyone, it's Andy again. I have no specific topic for the blog today, I figured I could just update you guys with quick hits with what interests me on campus currently.

Intramurals sign ups end on Thursday, but I made sure and signed up my team for street hockey. This should be a fun tournament, if you are a current student, there are many other activities you can sign up for! Example? Dodgeball, and the winning team wins $1000. The championship game gets to be played on Tsongas ice! I would've signed up, but I have shoulder tendinitis and it would have not been pretty for my shoulder. But all you others who are interested, there is an extra motivation obviously. Don't be afraid to join!

The UMass Lowell hockey season kicks off this Friday, the 23rd. I have been waiting for this ever since my acceptance. I love hockey, and I finally have a college team that I can root for. We are ranked #2 in the Hockey East, so hopefully we pull off a dominating victory on Friday. I will be sporting my blue, as you all should, and will be having a blast. There are festivities at the Rec Center before the game, like a rally, so I will be there as well.

Tip of the week is study area. If you want to succeed, then you better study. And we all know you won't work as hard if you are stuck in your dorm or doing it at the last second. So I recommend to all the North Campus students to go to the Lydon Library. There are study areas on each floor, and it has helped me a lot in terms of focusing on my studies. Just sit down, get your work out, and relax. It will be done in no time. I'm usually there on the 2nd floor, so you can drop me a hello as well. But try the library, it's an awesome place.

Not much more to it than that this week. Have you guys realized how crazy this New England weather is? Snow on Friday, and then hitting the 60s again tomorrow. I have given up on the weather. Have a good one guys!

The Great Debate

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Hello everybody, it's Andy again. This week I am going to write about something interesting. I will be talking about the great debate: Fox Hall vs. Southwick. Right now you probably got an idea what I will talk about. That's right, I will be discussing the food between both places, and the positives and the negatives between them.

For those of you that are not familiar with both places, Fox hall is a building located in East Campus, where students live, with some classes being held there as well. There is a dining hall there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Southwick is a building in the North campus, where many business related classes are taken. There is a dining hall there in the most bottom floor.

Fox Hall
  • It is a great place to make new friends, as many students go here. It is rather easy to make new friends, as you can just sit down anywhere, and most kids are welcoming.
  • There is a good variety of foods to choose from as it is a buffet setting. You can get anything you want.
  • It has ice cream. 
  • It doesn't use your Riverhawk dollars, it is the primary meal in the "meal plan."
  • There is a convenience store located right next to it, and it makes it much easier to buy necessary things.
  • Best Food: Omelets.
  • The variety can get old after a little bit.
  • Some people just plain out don't like the food.
  • Some people complained of increased bathroom visits after eating.
  • On some occasions, some foods don't look fresh.

  • It has awesome tasting fries. I know, fries are unhealthy, but I cannot stop!
  • The Mongolian Grill is an Asian stir fry food station, and it tastes great.
  • There is a TV in one of the dining rooms, showing ESPN.
  • The milkshakes are a refreshing option.
  • There are snacks there that tastes great, like the brownies or parfaits.
  • This is my opinion, but everything tastes great there.
  • The lines can get really big. Today, the line was ridiculous.
  • Sometimes there are a shortage of condiments.
  • The salad bar lacks quality.
  • The food can be a little small if you are feeling hungry.
  • You will have to use money or Riverhawks dollars, as it is not the primary meal offered by the university.

That's pretty much it. I suggest you all to try out both places if you haven't already. Every place has its flaws, but it still offers good food for students on campus. Bon Appetit!
As I promised, I will tell you all about my first intern experience at the WUML radio station, the radio station of UMass Lowell students, fully operated by us. It was a blast to say the least.

Just to inform all of you, it is actually too late to join the station as an intern this semester. However, there is always next semester or next year to learn and enroll as an intern. I highly recommend it, it's only been 3 weeks of sessions, but I don't regret it one bit.

The experience started out at the media center under the lydon library. We have our weekly intern meetings there, and we were being assigned shows to intern at. I got my first choice, the show called "Sounds for the Unsound." It is on at 10 PM to 12 PM on Wednesday nights on 91.5 FM. It is an electronic music genre based show, and the show is very entertaining to say the least.

The guys I met were Eric and Tyler, and they explained some things about the station, and basically we talked about music for two hours. It was a refreshing time, as chances to meet new individuals don't come too often in such a hectic schedule. I got to be on the air a couple times, which was a totally new experience. That was some real excitement.

It's pretty amazing how quickly a person can get used to things. I usually don't sign up for things when it doesn't involve my friends, and I was very nervous about joining the radio station. Maybe I would quit after the first meeting, I thought. But as it went on, I found my own comfort zone, and interning on the live show was definitely the ice breaker. There are so many more things to come, and I am on my way to becoming a WUML DJ.

So think about it. You have nothing to lose by participating. It's something that the students of UML offer you, and it is a great experience. I highly recommend it to you  guys! Have a good one!

~Andy Hwang

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