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Settling in

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Hello everybody! My name is Andy Hwang, a new blogger for the '09-'10 year. I am very excited to share my experiences with you every week of my college life. Before I get started, allow me to introduce myself. I am a freshmen and a marketing major here at UMass Lowell. I chose this university because it fit my atmosphere preferences. The fact that the university is not isolated all on its own in the community is awesome. There are things to do almost all the time. My brother and I are living together in an apartment five minutes away from the north campus. My brother is a student as well, a junior majoring in chemistry.

It's been about 4 weeks since I've been on campus. I didn't know what to expect from the university, but I had mixed feelings coming in. A little bit of excitement, a little worried as well. Though I do not want to sound like Mr. Happy over here, the first month has been a BLAST! In the blog today, I'll just be going over some of the great things a freshmen like me can do to keep busy on campus.

1) The rec center.
I understand the people know it's there. However, unless you go there frequently, you truly won't understand how great it is. The ping pong table is a great way to make friends. Everyone takes turns (most of the time) and it gets pretty competitive at times. The basketball court is also an easy way to get involved, as many guys will let you in on a pickup game. Remember, no one is intimidating here, most are friendly! The most exciting part about the rec center though, in my opinion, is all the programs it can offer. There are yoga, kickboxing, and many other classes offered for free, and there are intramural sports! You name it, they have it. I have already signed up for softball and already thinking of joining some programs. In the end, unless you get involved, you won't enjoy the unversity!

2) Clubs!
There are over 200 organizations/clubs offered on campus. You just have to join one to really get out there! I have joined the WUML internship program. The WUML is a student run radio station, where the students become the DJs and get to play underground music. It's an awesome opportunity to explore something that you've never experienced before, and everyone will be so welcoming. People are truly correct when they say college is nothing like high school. It's such a relaxed atmosphere, just enjoy it!

3) Get yourself involved.
College is honestly what you make it. If you are going to sit inside your dorm all day, nothing will be enjoyable. I am not the most active person on the planet, but I am trying hard to take in what the university is offering. So get out there and enjoy what is out there. Don't let laziness get in your way, like I did before college. I truly believe that getting involved will lead to a better social and academic life, and you will be enjoying every bit of your college life.

In the next blog, I will go over my experiences from interning in the radio station. I haven't done much at all yet, but I will keep people updated, in case that is something that you want to do towards the future! Thanks for reading the clumsy blog hehe, it will get better as the weeks progress. :)

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