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Hello everybody. I haven't written in so long! I was moved to a new project within the university relations department and never got the time or chance to start it back up. I've missed it and now I am back for my final entry ever. I've always wanted to write a final entry, leave on the right note if you will.

I am set to graduate with the class of 2013 in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe time has flown by so fast. As I look back on all of my blog posts from my freshmen year, I have grown tremendously as a person. It was such an important and valuable experience for me.

Thirteen years ago, I moved to the United States from South Korea. My family and I pursued a better life and education, with a big dream and goal of attending a university here in America. I can't believe that I will be completing that dream soon. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn and experience higher education.

During my years here, our university has grown tremendously. I think some students often take this for granted. We have a university here that truly cares about the quality of education and its students, which is refreshing and something we should value greatly. I am always proud about that part of our university.

Having said that, my time here at the University of Massachusetts Lowell means more than words on a resume. I have learned to become a better human being and prepared myself to make a difference out in the real world. I've always said that what differentiates UMass Lowell from other schools is our students. Our students are commonly referred to as “working class,” something that I deeply understood after my interaction with the student body through all these years. We all should be proud for contributing a little bit toward our education and achieving academic success at the same time. It’s not easy and I applaud all of you for it.

I also wanna take the time here to thank all of the UMass Lowell students, faculty, and staff that I have interacted and worked with for the last four years. They were some of the most unique, knowledgeable, and inspiring people that I have ever met.

Elaine Keough took this clueless freshmen student four years ago under her wing to work on a blogging project. I want to thank you, Elaine, for the opportunity. I really enjoyed my time writing the blogs. I also want to thank Julia Gavin, Michael Pueschel, and Amy Eddy for implementing the HawkTalk project. I learned a lot about the campus through this project and you guys were nothing but kind and generous to me.

This is it. Thank you to anyone who has read any of my blogs in the last four years (you can still read all of it in my archives hehe). I hope you enjoyed at least some of it! You can still keep up with me through commencement with UMass Lowell's Twitter and Facebook feed (watch for the hashtag #HawkTalk). Lastly, be proud of your school! You all may not realize it now, but we are part of something special, trust me. Enjoy your summer and good luck in all of your future endeavors!
For the last time,
Andy Hwang

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