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Jack Kerouac Week

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Hey guys. Hope you are all doing well. I haven't been myself lately but I'm hoping that changes sooner than later. We are almost 2 full months into the semester! Crazy, just crazy.

Last week, I was asked to sell t-shirts on South Campus, at an event that I wasn't really all that sure about. I didn't know what to expect nor what the event was about. I knew that last week was Jack Kerouac literary festival week, but I wasn't exactly planning to partake in all the activities. So when I was asked to sell shirts, I agreed, not only because I wanted to help out, but out of curiosity as well.

Needless to say, I saw the most interesting thing I've ever witnessed in my life. A poet named Anne Waldman performed her pieces in the most exciting way I've ever seen someone recite a poem. Her son's background music accompanied her descriptive and expressive poems. Let me reiterate - I have never ever seen anything like it. I'm not going to lie and say I loved it, but I know I was glad I was there to see such an experience.

Her performance lasted about an hour. She mixed in her wit and comedy along with her reading which made it much more interesting. By also being there, I got to learn more about the other events that were going on in celebration of Jack Kerouac. I saw some enthusiastic students there as well. The reason I liked the experience so much was because it was completely new to me. It's always good to try or see new things.

That's it for me today. I hope to write more as the week progresses. Life's a bit hectic, but come on now, whose life isn't, right?

Til next time,

Hey guys. It's been a bit, but I am back with another blog. Hope you all have been doing well. A month has gone by in the semester and it's extremely hard to believe. It seems like it took forever, but then it seemed so quick. I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense but that's how I'm feeling about it. Very hard to describe.

Without giving too much away, I want to tell you guys that we are working toward a fun project that hopefully will be a great help to all the students on campus. I think it's fantastic that there will be another fun, resourceful way to get information out to the students and hopefully it will become a reality. My blogging probably will be nothing compared to the project!

My internship has been going well. Things are a bit slow right now, but going into work has been a great feeling. I feel like I take it for granted that I'm there, so I'm constantly reminding myself of how much an honor it is for me to be there. It is something I want to do and certainly something that will be valuable to my career. I know hard work will turn into something good

I am hearing that the Chancellor's Forum is toward the end of October so make some room for it if you can. I mentioned this last year, but I really enjoyed it last time I went. Students had a lot to ask and input, and the Chancellor did his best in answering everything. I learned things about the school I haven't noticed or heard of before, so it was a valuable experience. Even if it seems a little iffy, maybe a waste of time, trust me, it really isn't!

The only bad thing about the internship is getting up early (and the train ride costs). So I am going to go to sleep early so I can do just that. Yes, I have work tomorrow on Columbus Day. It's not much of a holiday out in the professional world haha.

Hope to see you reading my blog later,


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