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Hey guys. Hope all of you are doing well. Almost a month until we go back to the regular grind of classes! Get ready for another great year! It will be my last.

So in a previous blog I mentioned that I got to talk to the Boston Bruins Director of Marketing. As I mentioned, he inspired and gave me excellent advice on my future career. One of the things he mentioned is the importance of an internship. He told me that most people in his field have done some sort of an internship and it was critical in the hiring process. But he also mentioned that it's not just about getting that internship, it's leaving a mark and letting them remember you with your hard work and dedication.

With the upcoming semester and my financial situation, I didn't think it was entirely possible that I could commit full-time to the internship. The travel costs were very expensive (I'd have to take the train), classes were crammed together, and things just didn't fall into place. It didn't make a whole lot of sense.

I thought about it for a long time after our meeting. I pictured every possible scenario but it didn't make sense, especially financially. I needed to pay rent and living expenses throughout the year. The travel cost alone was going to be a hefty amount every month for the duration of the internship.

But something suddenly hit me. It was like getting hit with something on the head, sort of a wake up call. Everything I've thought about so far was an excuse. If I really wanted this, then I'd be going after it without fear. My conservative attitude was holding me back. I couldn't sit there and say "I could have." Without fear, I grabbed my laptop and prepared my resume and cover letter. Thing is, I mentioned my situation and clarified my available commitment in the cover letter. I mailed it without having big expectations.

Needless to say, I was surprised when I got a call to arrange an interview. I arranged for the interview the next day (I'm guessing they were short on time), and went in there having prepared as much as I could. I just wanted to show them the person I was, rather than a person I'm trying to be at an interview, if that makes any sense.

Unfortunately, I thought I bombed the interview. I stuttered on a few questions, stumbled upon a couple words, and didn't think they were too impressed. That train ride home was not a fun one because I thought to myself too much. Yes, too much.

I'm still awaiting the results of the interview but hopefully it will be good news. Nothing is confirmed yet but I do have a good feeling about it. That sort of contradicts what I just said in the previous paragraph doesn't it? I'll explain in my next blog. I don't want to jinx things if you know what I mean.

Hope you check out my next blog!


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