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Hey guys, hope your summer has been going well. Did you get all your grades yet? I did well and finished the semester with a 3.6 GPA. The worst part of getting your grades is when you realize you have a solid grade and you regret stressing over such little things during the semester. I'm sure at least some of you can concur with this. I hate that feeling haha.

I have started my summer employment here in the O'Leary English Department on south campus. I enjoy working for this department because it has a fair share of work and downtime incorporated into it. The faculty in this department are fabulous as well, very nice people. If only the real world jobs were this friendly haha. I keep on thinking about next year, as around this time next year I'll probably be searching for a job after graduation. It's surreal to think about.

I haven't been to the north campus yet but I'm sure the renovations are going swimmingly. I don't see much being worked on here in south. It's been very quiet with students here and there. Starbucks is open though and I have been making frequent visits. I am not 100% sure whether the dining hall is open for business though. I get really hungry here with only a vending machine to look forward to.

An interesting thing I do every year is to seek out the Facebook pages for the incoming freshmen on campus and leave a message. I encourage them to ask questions and tell them they can contact me about things they want to know about the school. I know there are set people that respond to this stuff but I am too lazy to go through the process to become an "official" person haha. Hopefully some people come and ask questions of some sort because I am too bored!

My friends and I booked our annual camping trip for mid-June for 4 days and hopefully we'll enjoy it again. I love getting away from everyday things for a couple days and enjoying nature as it is. There has been a lot going on in my life, a lot of negative things, but I am trying to fight through it. My friends and brother have been great so it will be a memorable trip.

I think I am out of stuff to write about, I'll think of a good topic for next week to blog about!


Summer's Here!

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Hey guys, it's Andy here. I have officially been done with my finals since last Friday afternoon (my birthday), and I have been trying to relax since. I already received an A in one of my classes so it's looking great so far. I feel like I did well. Remember, if you come out of a final and know that you gave it your all, then you should feel good about it. Good luck to those who are still taking them though!

So today's blog will just focus on some updates of my life. First things first. I will be blogging in the summer again! I love blogging, as you guys can see, so it should be another fun summer with random updates. I will be working in UMass Lowell for summer employment, so I will provide lots of updates about the school as well. They are renovating a lot of buildings so maybe I can take a peak at it to provide updates.

My birthday was on Friday and I made it over to Fenway Park to celebrate it. Heading out to the city always lightened up my mood, and I needed it that day. My father got into a big accident in the highway. My father was okay, but the car was not. That's the frustrating part. Now I don't have a way to get to work! I am scrambling to find out a way to get to work and that's been stressing me out. Not a good way to begin the summer but I am trying to look at everything positively.

I rarely get comments (that aren't spam), but I am curious to know what you all are doing for the summer. If you have anything, let me know. You can always contact me through Twitter for any suggestions or comments. I really do care what people are thinking, especially who are reading this!

Let's all keep our fingers crossed for a good week. I feel so apologetic for my work study employers but they were very understanding. I'll hopefully have a solution by next week and I will be blogging in a much happier mood (maybe) haha. Until then, study hard and stay healthy! It's going to get hot soon.

Hey guys. Hope your studying is going well for finals. I am trying to study early for finals but it just won't come inside my head. So I'm winging it until the night before that final haha. Sounds irresponsible right? But whenever I do this (and I have been doing this forever now), I study much better with much more focus. My final exam results have been great as well. So whatever works for me, I will do it!

I have 3 exams on 3 straight days and I am done on the 10th, right before my birthday! So you guys can imagine, it's going to be much harder to focus haha.

Between the last paragraph and this one, I have moved my location to the O'Leary library from Southwick. The M floor of the O'Leary library is a new favorite of mine, as it's a quiet study area. It's easy to focus on your work here and the students are quite courteous of the manners in a library.

I just want to take this time to congratulate the seniors on their graduation and hope for their best in the future. Our time is coming soon class of 2013! It only seems like yesterday I was a freshmen. Time does fly.

I will blog right after finals so I'll talk to you guys then! Thanks!


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