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Hey guys, it's good to be back on campus again. The amount of work that's ahead of me doesn't excite me but it's good to see the school environment once again.

Today's blog will just focus on the first week of school and other things I have noticed in the last couple of weeks in relation to the school. I am taking 5 classes this semester, one less than last semester. I am also extremely happy to note that I will be living near the campus for this semester. It has only been a couple days, but it definitely beats commuting. I lived on campus during my freshmen year and I enjoyed it, so it's good to be back. I will be going home on the weekends though, which is a plus as well.

By the way, I wanted to mention that the more I look at the new school website, the more I like it. I think the design is excellent and has a lot good news/information on it. I get a lot of my UMass Lowell news just by going on to the website and browsing. For example, a Russian hockey player was recruited on to our school. He is 17 years old and is a highly touted prospect. He might even get drafted in the 2012 NHL Draft. So it should be fun to watch him play. If you see a young Russian student, I'd assume he's the guy. His name is Dima Sinitsyn.

And what's my blog without a rant about something? I realized a month ago that the school is not hosting broomball anymore in their intramural program. Broomball is played on the Tsongas Center ice, and it was the most fun sport ever. I always looked forward to it every year and it's gone now. I can guess why, but I certainly don't like the decision at all. Whether it may be the students abusing the ice (some really did) or the school just cutting the budget in terms of letting students play at night on the ice, I am frustrated. Now I don't have any sport to look forward to this 1st half of the semester!

Until next time, good luck with all your classes!

Hey guys! Long time no blog? Or so it seems haha. I have been very busy during this vacation, caught up in a lot of stuff. Now I found time to blog for you guys. What I am writing about today is very specific. If you read some of the UML emails that come to your inbox, you will definitely know what I'm talking about.

Ever since freshmen year I've openly complained about the lack of parking spaces in North Campus. The problem was echoed throughout the campus and not too long ago, as you all probably know, the university announced that they will be building a parking garage in North Campus. I'm sure you've heard it, but if you didn't, then it's great news for all you commuters.

The garage is supposed to be done by fall of 2012 (yes, that's this year), so I will get about a year of enjoyment out of it. Nonetheless, even though it might be a bit late for me, I am glad that the parking garage will be constructed and ready to go. I think this definitely shows that the university cares about the commuters as well and that they really took the parking issue to heart. I could not be happier.

Having said that, I am going to introduce to you an interesting web link right here. UMass Lowell is excellent about keeping its students up to date about campus activities, and that page is no exception. The page shows the artist renderings of the garage, and an actual webcam that is installed toward the parking garage construction site, so you can view the progress right from your computer. I don't mean to sound like a nerd, but that is pretty cool. The webcam also has this feature where you can fast forward and rewind, so you can see the pictures coming together. I can't wait until the building is done so that I can view the progress from day 1 beautifully.

Are you excited? You should be! I hope there are bigger and better things to come in 2012 as well! Happy new years and I'll blog to you again soon!


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