Are Debt Articles Stressing You Out?

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Hey guys, Andy here. Next Monday is the final day of classes for this semester and I am feeling pretty good about it. I still have a ton of work left to do, studying, the research paper and all, but I am ready to take on the challenge!

As I use the Internet and surf the web for news, I find that there are more and more articles on debt and student loans. Mainly, these articles are not really informative. Instead, the articles scare you into thinking that you are in trouble, or offer some sort of an alternative to what you are doing. I know I am being unclear, so let me give you an example. One article I've read in the past showed that taking out debts was a terrible idea, and showed a few examples of students that have "failed' after graduating college. Another recent one said that taking loans out is good and makes you more competitive. And apparently, all these articles are backed by certain researchers, analysts, and etc.

I do not have any student loans. I am lucky enough to have a scholarship + financial aid so I don't graduate owing money for college. But I never considered loans a terrible thing. For one thing, UMass Lowell has very good value in terms of tuition and education. It's relatively on the low cost side compared to other universities and colleges.

So whenever I see these articles, I cannot help but think of my fellow students at UMass Lowell. There is no doubt in my mind that some students are taking a big loan, regardless of the cost of our schools. Any kind of loan is big money to me. Anyhow, I can understand some of the stress these articles may cause to some students. Some can shake it off easily, better than others, but some students may have a hard time ignoring it, because college really is a four year process. All of us cannot help but think about our future after graduation. It's not fun to see articles that scare us like that.

The best advice I have for yourself is "believe yourself." And no, this is not a kumbaya moment. Allow me to elaborate on that. You know how much work you have put in so far. You know what your abilities are. Some say it's hard to judge your own abilities, but I don't think it's complicated as it sounds. If you are confident in your abilities and the work you put in, you should shake off these useless articles easily. They are no help to our well being nor does it provide any useful information. If you know you are not up to the level you should be, then you need to work harder so that you can shake off these articles that you see every now and then. Don't let these articles put you down, even if you are performing poorly. There is always room for growth and improvement.

I felt like this is an important message to get out because of finals coming up and all. Finals are really stressing and I literally hate it. But that's for another time.

So keep in mind that this is a good time for you to reflect upon your work so far. If you are a sophomore, I believe this is the perfect time to assess your effort.

I hope you read through the boring pep talk. Stressing time calls for rants and pep talks I suppose haha. I'll write something more fun next time.

P.S.: Prayers are with Virginia Tech, the Worcester Fire Department, and the UMass Lowell students affected by the fire.

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