Safe Trick or Treat At South Campus

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Hey folks. Hope you all have been doing well. Mid terms are almost done and we are all working hard toward the end of the semester right? Time does fly. It's almost scary.

On Friday the 28th, I had the pleasure of volunteering with ODK for the Safe Trick or Treat At the South Campus, in Sheehy and Concordia. I was introduced of the event by the honor group ODK, which I joined recently. I volunteered thinking it will be a good experience, and it was a requirement. Basically, kids from the community come to the building to have a safe and fun trick or treat experience. The students prepared games and activities for the kids, and even handed out candy in their dorm rooms. And let me tell ya, boy was I glad I went.

When I entered the building, I just felt the Halloween atmosphere right away. Everyone that was volunteering was in the spirit of helping out for this great event. It rubbed off on me as well so I was eager to see the kids come.

I was assigned the role of tour guide, and my job was to lead a group of all the kids and their families into the respective dorm rooms for trick or treating. I met a great bunch of kids and it reminded of me of my younger days eager for candy (I'm still eager for candy of course).

The tour was a bit of work though, as the narrow halls certainly didn't help with a lot of kids in there. I led them through Sheehy and Concordia to the rooms and trust me when I say this, every single person handing out candy seemed excited and happy to see the kids in their costumes. It was so refreshing.

At the end of the tour, they all said thanked me for my efforts, and I could not have asked for anything better. The thankfulness was all I needed. It was a great experience.

Before heading out, I took some pictures, talked with some kids/families, and helped out with a couple of other things. I had to go home, but I definitely wanted to stay a bit longer!

Overall, it was such a fun experience, I want to do it again next year for sure. I hope you all come out as well next year. Here are some of the pictures I took and posted on Twitter: Pictures

That's it for today! I'll blog next week!


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